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This agreement describes the obligations of the Business Sponsor involved in the 2024 MTP2 Internship Program.

Week 1 (June 3-7) is a training week held at the Montana Manufacturing Extension Center (MMEC) at MSU. Weeks 2-10 (June 10-Aug 9) are onsite at the Business. Week 11 (Aug 12-14) is back at MMEC.


This Intern Sponsor Contract is entered into by and between ______ ("Sponsor" hereinafter) and the Montana Pollution Prevention program (MTP2) to regulate the terms and conditions of the Sponsor's internship agreement.


The effective date of this contract is ______. It expires on August 15, 2024.


Upon signing of this agreement, Sponsor, agrees to:

  1. Host an MTP2 Intern for 11 weeks between June-August 2024.
  2. Assign an internal project supervisor who will provide ongoing daily supervision of the intern.
  3. Meet with Intern/MTP2 in wk 1 to develop a work plan/timeline for the project.
  4. Identify sensitive, proprietary, or confidential information. Share with Intern.
  5. Inform other employees about the Intern and of the project goals. Facilitate employee cooperation with the Intern to ensure they receive the assistance and information needed for the project.
  6. Provide appropriate safety training, supervision, and tools to work (desk, telephone, computer etc.) to the Intern.
  7. Pay any costs associated with approved student work, including any approved tests, equipment or supplies needed to develop project objectives. Sponsor is not responsible for Intern’s salary or travel expenses.
  8. Periodically consult with MTP2 and MMEC advisors regarding project status and satisfaction with the Intern’s work.
  9. Review and evaluate the student’s findings, conclusions and proposals for accuracy, feasibility, and relation to company needs and objectives.
  10. At the Sponsor’s sole discretion, implement cost-effective pollution prevention measures identified by the student.
  11. Review the final draft of the project report for completeness and clarity as a proposed implementation plan for the Sponsor.
  12. Participate in Intern’s final presentation (in Bozeman or virtually).
  13. Evaluate the Intern’s performance and the intern program in general at the conclusion of the project.
  14. Post-internship, provide non-confidential figures to MTP2 on energy, water and waste reduced as well as non-confidential cost savings as a result of the intern program.


Please print our printable PDF version and sign to certify that I have read, understand, and agreed to this document.