Hear more about the Montana Pollution Prevention internship from these interns' testimonials!

Karen Nunoz-Michel

Senior, Industrial Management Systems Engineering, 2023, Intern 

"As a P2 intern, my experience has been transformative and enlightening. Working within the realm of prevention strategies, I've gained invaluable insights into identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate, contributing to safer and more sustainable practices in the indsutry. The hands-on learning, collaborative environment, and the opportunity to make a tangible impact have made this internship a rewarding and enriching journey in my academic field of Industrial Managment Systems Engineering."

Chidimma Ifeh 

Graduate Student, Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems, 2023 Intern

“My experience during the Pollution Prevention Internship equipped me with business insights and also emphasized the importance of community engagement in waste management and fostering sustainable practices within small businesses in Montana.”

Sam Paradee

Senior, Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems, Agroecology Option, 2022 Intern

“I had a wonderful experience with the MTP2 program. My summer was a little bit more unique than most of the others in this internship, I worked on creating a 'treasure map' for the wine industry for the ENERGY STAR program. This was such a great opportunity because it allowed me to network with members of the EPA, and learn about wine-making as well as industrial systems. I was able to continue working with the MTP2 program past the 10 weeks until I was able to hand off a draft of the treasure map to the ENERGY STAR program and give a short presentation to the regional advisors in the EPA. I would highly recommend a summer with the Montana Pollution Prevention Program.”

Marc Hansmeier

Senior, Chemical Engineering, 2021 Intern

“"The Montana Pollution Prevention Internship offered me the opportunity to lead my own project making a real difference with a small business in Montana. The skills I developed were invaluable to furthering my professional development... I started my first post graduatation job as an environmental engineer in Anchorage. I'm thankful to you both and the P2 internship experience for helping me step into the environmental side of things."

Ravi Kumar

Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering, 2022 Intern

“As an international student, I got the opportunity as an MTP2 intern when I first moved to Montana, it is the best platform where you can work with a lot of industries, meet business owners, industrial visits, doing projects on pollution prevention which helps the industry as well as the environment.”

Edwin Allan

PHD, 2021 Intern

“I would recommend the P2 internship to my peers!  You learn how a process works, the inputs and the outputs and then how to make a target process lean or reduce waste in the process. You tackle real world problems and that is satisfying in itself.  The P2 internship provides a fresh set of eyes, with time and energy designated specifically to pollution prevention and waste reduction." 

Ume Odum

Graduate Student, Community Health, 2023 Intern

“MTP2 helped me to decide on my master's degree project. I got the idea of Ultra Processed Food during the internship and I linked its consumption to depression which my project will be addressing in an American indigenous community."


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