Hear more about the Montana Pollution Prevention internship from these interns' testimonials!


Sam Paradee

Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems, Agroecology Option, 2022 Intern

“I had a wonderful experience with the MTP2 program. My summer was a little bit more unique than most of the others in this internship, I worked on creating a 'treasure map' for the wine industry for the ENERGY STAR program. This was such a great opportunity because it allowed me to network with members of the EPA, and learn about wine-making as well as industrial systems. I was able to continue working with the MTP2 program past the 10 weeks until I was able to hand off a draft of the treasure map to the ENERGY STAR program and give a short presentation to the regional advisors in the EPA. I would highly recommend a summer with the Montana Pollution Prevention Program.”


Marc Hansmeier

Chemical Engineering, 2021 Intern

“"The Montana Pollution Prevention Internship offered me the opportunity to lead my own project making a real difference with a small business in Montana. The skills I developed were invaluable to furthering my professional development."


Ravi Kumar

Chemical Engineering, 2022 Intern

“As an international student, I got the opportunity as an MTP2 intern when I first moved to Montana, it is the best platform where you can work with a lot of industries, meet business owners, industrial visits, doing projects on pollution prevention which helps the industry as well as the environment.”


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