As part of the goal to improve campus climate through education, visibility and the celebration of gender equity and diversity in the MSU system (Goal 3 in the Strategic Plan 2012-2015). In September 2016, the Commission developed a list of resources focused on gender equity and diversity including clubs, departments, events and articles. 

Organization Affliation Event Name Purpose
Office of International Programs International Education Week To expose MSU students to international cultures or nations,  in a series of events throughout the week , commonly covering topics such as food, film, literature, political status, as well as possible career paths at or within the nation/culture.
  International Street Food Bazaar With over 3,000 visitors annually, The International Street Food Bazaar is a wonderful meeting place between the international students and the residents of Bozeman. It is a unique event where Bozeman can celebrate its diversity. Travel to 30 countries for the 33rd Annual!
  Chinese New Year The Chinese Student and Scholar Association had an exciting celebration to welcome the Year of the Tiger on Saturday, February 13th in the SOB Barn. A large group of students, scholars, professors and friends enjoyed an evening filled with delicious food, songs, dance and games. Congratulations to the CSSA for a successful event!
  Fall International Children’s Festival MSU's international students and several community organizations will set up stations under the pavilion for activities including African drumming, mask making, papercraft, calligraphy with kids' name written in 8 different scripts, origami, Bollywood dance moves, international story corner, and traditional games from around the world. Participants can visit over fifteen countries in one morning. All kids will get a passport to take around the stations for stickers and older kids are invited to participate in an exciting scavenger hunt.
Career, Internship and Student Employment Services Diversity Coffee MSU students and alumni belongong to groups under-represented in the workforce are invited and encouraged to attend a special meet and greet with employer and recruiters before the career fair.
Diversity Awareness Office Rainbow Ball QSA's Rainbow Ball is aimed at letting you relive your prom but with the idea of you being able to celebrate it the way you wish you had in high school. That's right. Now is your chance to do it up right!
  Safe Zone Program The Safe Zone program, a joint effort between the Diversity Awareness Office and Counseling and Psychological Services, delivers educational trainings and increase awareness and acceptance of LGBTQIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, questioning)  individuals. The program exists to acknowledge and support members of our community who identify within the LGBTQIQ spectrum.
  Sustained Dialogue Sustained Dialogue (SD) is a dialogue to action process that transforms relationships and creates informed community change. SD is rooted in the conflict resolution methodology of senior Middle East diplomat Hal Saunders, a key drafter of the Camp David Peace Accords. During Hal's international negotiations, he observed patterns in the ways that participants' relationships evolved which inform the foundations of SD
  Common Ground Retreat Opportunity for students to spend the weekend building lasting relationships, developing inclusive leadership skills, and exploring identity issues such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. Students return to campus with a deeper understanding of their own identity and a greater awareness of campus resources available to support students.
  LGBTQ Mentors The LGBTQ Mentoring Program pairs upperclassmen, faculty, and staff who are secure in their LGBTQ identity with LGBTQ students needing support. The goal of the program is to create a mutually respectful, supportive, and encouraging relationship. Mentors will support their student mentees in navigating campus and the community, developing a positive view of their identities as LGBTQ students, and finding a network of friends and allies.
  De-Stereotype Me Day De-Stereotype Me Day is a silent dialogue that allows people to share publically stereotypes that have been imposed on them. Sustained Dialogue set up a table in the SUB and invited students, staff, faculty, and campus guests to write anonymously a stereotype that had been imposed on them. These were publically displayed inthe Leigh Lounge and people were invited to consider the stereotypes presented.
  Martin Luther King Day Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday held on the third Monday of January. It celebrates the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr., an influential American civil rights leader.
  India Night India Night is a celebration of the Indian Festival of Lights. Attendees get a cultural experiences of India, including authentic Indian Food cooked by our own Indian Community, cultural performances, dance, and drama. 
  Fast-a-Thon  In order to better serve these families in our community, the Muslim Student Association held its 6th annual Fast-A-Thon on February 4, 2015. The purpose of this was to experience a day without food as well as to raise money for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.
  Coming Out Day events The DAO celebrates National Coming Out Day with events that invite the community to learn about LGBTQ identities, find out what resources exist for LGBTQ individuals at MSU, and get involved with LGBTQ initiatives.
  Coming OUT Drag Show In celebration of Coming Out Day, the Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA) of MSU organizes this event. As kings and queens strut their stuff up and down the walk way, one is bound to have a night filled with high heels and plenty of glitter. The show is immediately followed by a dance. 
  Transgender Day of Remembrance During the month of November Transgender MSU (TMSU) hosts Transgender Day of Remembrance. Although social acceptance for transgender people is growing, parents continue to abandon youth with gender-identity issues when their children need them most, advocates say. 49 percent of transgender people attempt suicide. Transgender youth account for 18 percent of homeless people in cities such as Chicago, but researchers estimate fewer than 1 in 1,000 people is transgender. 1 in 12 transgender people in America is murdered. Transgender youth often report higher levels of depression, illegal drug use, suicide attempts and unsafe sex than peers who receive little or no pressure from parents.This day is used to remember those who we have lost in the fight for transgender acceptance and equality.
Department of Native American Studies American Indian Heritage Day American Indian Heritage Day, also known as Native American Heritage Day, annually recognizes the rich cultural heritage, history and vital contributions of American Indians on the fourth Friday in September of each year, as designated by the 1997 Montana Legislature. 
  AIC Annual Powwow Every year, the American Indian Council hosts an annual powwow at MSU. The events of the powwow include grand entries, Men's and Women's Golden Age dancing to Tiny Tot dancing, and specials put on by private and separate family sponsors. This event is a chance for the public to experience the dancing traditions of Native Americans. This event also includes vendors selling items of Native American influence and culture. There will also be opportunity to purchase food, such as Indian tacos.  
  "Thanksmas" Dinner The American Indian Council hosted a "Thanksmas" dinner. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday dinner is combined and is for our Native American community in the Bozeman area. The event was a pot-luck, so there was a variety of dishes served and everyone left with a full belly!
  Wonders In Native Generations and Societies (WINGS) Collaboration with Bozeman School District to share American Indian identities and cultures with local students.
Organization Name Website Description of mission
The Association for Women in Computing The purpose of the Association for Women in Computing is to support current female students in computer science by connecting them to peers, internships, and professional growth opportunities while working to increase the diversity of computer science at MSU and make the field more welcoming to everyone. In the process, we aim to grow and ensure the health of the computer science community of Bozeman and Montana. All students interested in computing and computing diversity are welcome, not just women.
Society of Women Engineers The Society of Women Engineer's mission is to stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity.
F-Word: Feminist Discussion Group The F-Word discussion group will examine the various ways in which sexism, misogyny, racism, classism, and gender bias effect the lives of women, children and men in negative ways. Our goal is to empower students to make a positive change in their community.
Triota National Honor Society The purpose of this organization is to provide an environment of academic excellence, encourage undergraduate research and scholarship in Women's and Gender Studies, foster relationships among WGS students and faculty, increase interest and awareness of gender issues, and promote community engagement and social change by facilitating student activism.  As a relatively new group on campus we want to reach out to more students and work on involvement within the community!
President's Commission on the Status of University Women In an advisory capacity, the Commission evaluates and works to improve issues related to gender equity and diversity on Montana State University’s four campuses.
It is the Commission's pledge to facilitate the creation and sustainability of an environment of accountability, integrity, and optimism through collaboration between and among the MSU campuses, ensuring an atmosphere of equity, support, and balance.
Through its continued efforts, the Commission will work toward the discovery and elimination of institutional barriers to the success of women and inspire women to become leaders, problem solvers, and innovators making meaningful contributions to MSU, the state of Montana, and society at large.
African Society To broaden the understanding of Africa and provide an inter-cultural exchange of education. We provide a welcoming environment for African students at Montana State University.
American Indian Council This organization has been established for the following purposes: 1) to assist new students in their adjustment to college life and to recruit high school and transfer students to attend Montana State University; 2) to provide an environment that respects and promotes scholarship in accordance with cultures and customs of American Indians; and 3) to work with American Indian students through promotion of extra-curricular activities that bridge MSU –Bozeman with the Gallatin Valley and its American Indian residents
American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)   "The mission of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) is to substantially increase the representation of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, First Nations and other indigenous peoples of North America in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies and careers."
Anime Club To bring together fans of Japanese and International Animation on campus and enjoy aspects of contemporary animation and culture
Anglophiles at MSU   To explore British culture, politics, history, and food with the goal of better understanding the United Kingdom and its special relationship to the United States.
Arabic Language Club   Our mission is to help MSU students develop strong Arabic language skills and provide a forum for the speaking, writing, and reading of the Arabic language, and provide for the opportunity of cultural exchange with native Arabic speakers studying at MSU.
Bangladesh Student Association To preserve and spread the glorious culture of Bangladesh among students.
Bobcat International Club    
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Club   To provide Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction and training to interested students.
Chinese Culture Club To work with Chinese natives to bring the culture of China to Bozeman through the arts, literature, food and more. It is a club designed not for locals or Chinese, but to bring them together in a sharing and better understanding of their respective cultures.
Club De Espanol at MSU   MSU Club de Español is a group of students at Montana State University dedicated to providing opportunities for students to apply Spanish speaking skills within the university and throughout the community of Bozeman, Montana
Chinese Students & Scholars The purpose is to bring the cluture of China to Bozeman through the big events such as Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival and provide chances for Chinese students, professors and families together for traditional celebration.
German Club Promote knowledge of German culture and language via organized events for MSU students and the community. German language knowledge is NOT necessary to join, but promotion of learning the language is a club priority
Indian Student Association To share the beautifully rich culture and heritage of India among MSU students and the Bozeman community, and to be a support system for Indian students at MSU.
Kabsah Club   To provide cultural awareness and friendship through various international cooking process.
Kuwaiti Cultural Club   To solidify and promote Kuwaiti culture in Bozeman, MT.
Latino/a Student Union   To provide social support for Latino/a students on campus. To organize activities for the group (movie night, tamales night, music night) as well as the community at large.
Nepalese Student Association   To serve as a social support for Nepalese students at MSU and to provide social and cultural awareness of Nepal.
PowWow Basketball Club   To provide leadership opportunities through event coordination, fundraising, collaboration, team building skills, networking for members and to diversify the annual MSU AIC PowWow by offering an alternative, healthy and fun activity through competition and volunteering with a cultural component.
Saudi Club To provide support for all Saudi students to feel at home, and to share Saudi culture with the Bozeman community.
Turkish Club   Turkish Club is a student-based group affiliated with Montana State University aiming to promote diversity by giving the MSU community an opportunity to experience Turkish culture. We also promote diversification through events relevant to Turkish culture and hope to unite Turkish students with the students and scholars of Montana State University. We welcome people of all backgrounds to join us!
U.S. Arabic Distance Learning Network The Network, a consortium of universities led by Montana State University (MSU), is committed to expanding opportunities for students to study Arabic language and Islamic culture.
Wanji Oyate Education Cohort Wanji Oyate, meaning One Tribe, was designed to support Natives who want to become teachers. Wanji Oyate hopes to achieve just that with a peer based program that brings community of American Indian students together to support each other through similar challenges as well as offer a place to connect and share ideas.
Bozeman Montana Latter Day Saint Student Association   1) To encourage and support members of the LDSSA in achieving their academic goals and maintaining a balanced life while on campus.
2) To encourage members of the LDSSA to become an influence for good by participating in activities and service on campus and in the community.
3) To provide students with meaningful service opportunities and social and religious activities that are consistent with the LDSSA standards.
4) To promote traditional moral values.
The LDSSA is affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Montana State University
Buddhists for World Peace   Introduce students to Nichiren Buddhism as practiced by SGI-USA and create activities that deepen faith and can be enjoyed by all members.
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship We are a gathering of college students, here to serve Jesus, our university and its students. We have fun and learn to grow in our faith everyday!
Collegians for Christ Collegians For Christ is here to provide an opportunity for MSU students to grow in their walk with the Lord through the preaching and teaching of God's Word. We also provide opportunities to serve the Lord in a New Testament local Baptist church while students are away from their home and church.
Cru We exist to connect the campus with Jesus Christ and one another.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes   The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is touching millions of lives… one heart at a time. Since 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high school, junior high and youth levels to use the powerful medium of athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. FCA focuses on serving local communities by equipping, empowering and encouraging people to make a difference for Christ. Their vision is to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes
Generation Ministries Collegiate Group To change our campus and our city with the Good News of Jesus, one person at a time.
International Student Fellowship To share Christ's love with international students through social and spiritual activities.
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship The Purpose of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA is to establish and advance at colleges and universities witnessing
communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people
of every ethnicity and culture and God's purposes in the world.
Lutheran Campus Ministry Encouraging faith on and beyond campus through dialogue, meals, worship, and service. A safe setting for questions about life and vocation. Open to all
Lutheran Student Fellowship   To bring students together to learn about God by answering questions and strengthening one's faith, doing so in an environment surrounded by friends.
Meditation Club   To practice and cultivate mindfulness.
Merge   MERGE exists to provide students with the chance to build a sense of community and belonging around shared Christian beliefs. We seek to engage students spiritually and offer them a place to raise questions, pursue their chosen faith and serve the community around them, all within a context of coming to know their God, themselves and each other better. To sum it up, MERGE focuses on building a three-fold sense of connection: connect to God (faith/spirituality), connect to others (community/belonging), connect to the larger community (service and inclusion - campus, city, beyond). In addition, MERGE offers any interested students the opportunity to consult with a chaplain about matters of their own faith and spirituality, regardless of their particular faith tradition.
Muslim Student Association   Umbrella organization for Muslim students' activities at MSU
Nations Providing a community of hope among First Nations students and faculty at Montana State University. Learning to walk with Jesus Christ in a culturally authentic way. We build community, leaders, and futures through faith and family
Orthodox Christian Fellowship Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the official collegiate campus ministry program under the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America. OCF is charged with connecting Orthodox college students—and those interested in the Orthodox Christian faith—to Christ and His Church
PresbyCats To provide a place of spiritual nurturing through fellowship and study of lessons in the Bible.
Ressurection Catholic Campus Ministry By serving our students, the Resurrection Catholic Campus Ministry (RCCM) gives witness at Montana State University by
providing support and sustaining the whole Catholic person. We provide an environment of fellowship and challenges to
students to be an example of the living Christ. Through our Catholic tradition, we promote nurturing of faith and opening hearts
of our members to hear God’s message
Tuesday Nights Together: Methodist Campus College is a pivotal moment in our faith journey. Through our discussions, retreats, mission/service opportunities, and our Bible Study we seek to support you in your faith walk
Young Life Regardless of a students’ religious background or lack there of, Young Life College offers a fun, accepting community to be a part of while exploring or deepening their faith in Jesus.
Sexual Orientation    
Queer-Straight Alliance QSA is here to create a safe space for the LGBTQIA community members and supporters.
Sexual Identity Support Group This group provides a welcoming, supportive, and safe space for students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer or questioning to share and explore both issues related to sexual identity as well as those beyond.  Therapeutic issues that may be a focus of the group include, but are not limited to: coming out, safety, discrimination, relationships, identity, stress and coping, family, work, and school
Veteran Services    
Challenge Club   Provide students the opportunity to challenge themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally and connect to veterans by preparing for and participating in events such as the Bataan Death March, annually
Name Website Description of mission
Academic Departments    
Global Studies Minor The Global Studies Minor is a multi-disciplinary program designed to develop a broad base of international knowledge for students in any major at MSU. It consists of a combination of international course work, foreign language study, and education abroad experience organized to build base-level international knowledge and skills. It brings together international learning opportunities across the campus and around the world to provide the foundation for an international career.
Language Majors China Studies, French, French K-12 Teaching, German Studies, German K-12 Teaching, Hispanic Studies, Japan Studies, Latin American &Latino Studies, Spanish K-12 Teaching
Native American Studies The Department of Native American Studies was established to provide and advance quality education for and about American Indians of Montana, the region, and the nation. In fulfilling this mission, the Department is committed to meet the changing needs of Montana's Indian tribes and all Montana citizens through excellence in teaching, research, and service.
Religious Studies Program The religious studies program aims to provide students with a rich body of factual knowledge about the global history of religion, as well as the critical thinking skills necessary for interpreting that knowledge.
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies minor encourages students to engage actively in the innovative and challenging work of interdisciplinary research. The program takes gender and sexuality as categories foundational to understanding culture and society and investigates how these categories intersect with race, ethnicity, class, nationality, and other categories of difference.
Advance project TRACS Our primary goal is to transform Montana State University and broaden the participation of women faculty in STEM and underrepresented areas of Social and Behavioral Science (SBS).
Caring for Our Own Program   The Caring for Our Own Program (CO-OP) is a support program for Native American and Alaska Native students pursuing their nursing degree at Montana State University.
Empower Engineering Minority Program EMPower promotes the success of underrepresented minorities and women in engineering and all STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). In pursuing its mission, EMPower provides resources and guidance to underrepresented students.
Graduate Education in Health for Minority Scholars (GEhMS) The GEhMS program is designed to increase community capacity to reduce health disparities in our state by supporting underrepresented minority (URM) graduate students in biomedical and behavioral sciences who have strong ties to underserved Montana communities.
Indian Leadership Education and Development (I LEAD) Project The purpose of the I LEAD project is to recruit, educate, certify and place American Indian educators into administrative positions in schools with high populations of Native American students. The program will result in the award of a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and certification as a school principal.
McNair Scholars The two-year program is targeted at students underrepresented in graduate schools. Specifically, those are students who are the first in their families to attend college, are from low-income families or are members of minority groups. Applicants must be interested in research and scholarly activities and want to go on to earn an advanced degree. In return, the student will receive financial and academic support and mentoring
Messengers for Health Messengers for Health is a community-based participatory research project between members of the Crow Nation and the Department of Health and Human Development at Montana State University. This program works on health topics of importance to the Crow community.
Montana INBRE  Montana INBRE (IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence) aims to mentor and develop the growing number of infectious disease, environmental health, and health disparities investigators at principally undergraduate institutions, tribal colleges, and the state's two research universities to sustain and grow a productive and competitive biomedical research network. 
Sustained Dialogue Sustained Dialogue's mission is to develop everyday leaders who engage differences as strengths to improve campuses, workplaces, and communities
Wanji Oyate  
American Indian/Alaska Native Student Success Services Advocacy and support for MSU American Indian/Alaska Native students
Center for Bilingual and Multicultural Education Supports MSU and tribal nations across Montana by generating funding streams focusing on the following program areas: “best practices” in the revitalization  and maintenance ofIndigenous languages, facilitation of culturally responsive pedagogy in k-12 schools including the integration of Indian Education for All across the curriculum in all content areas and at all levels, as well as a variety of projects designed to promote social justice by increasing cultural sensitivity.
Diversity Awareness Office The Diversity Awareness Office (DAO) provides information and support to the university community in the areas of multicultural awareness and community building, prejudice education, and practical resources relating to diversity issues. 
Human Resources The Human Resources Office projects pride and enthusiasm in support of the University's missions and strategic plan by providing leadership, guidance and administration of classification, recruitment, payroll, benefits and employee/labor relations in a professional and dedicated manner.
MSU Women's Center Our focus is to empower women and create an equitable campus environment by offering educational programs to the university population about gender and women's issues.
Office of International Programs 401 Culbertson Hall The Resource Center contains extensive information on MSU- Sponsored and non-MSU sponsored study abroad programs, work abroad opportunities, overseas internships, scholarship information, and general travel information. These reference materials include videos, books, maps, Culture Grams, course catalogs, and brochures from universities and other organizations around the world. In addition, students can look at photo albums and evaluations from past study abroad participants and use one of our computers for Internet research.
TRiO Student Support Services MSU TRIO SSS program is committed to supporting low income, first generation and/or disabled students.
Category Synopsis URL Date published
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