This page is no longer updated. In March 2022,  the President’s Commission on the Status of University Women was re-launched as the the Gender Equity Alliance. Learn more about the Gender Equity Alliance here.

Policy Review

The first goal of the President's Commission on the Status of University Women (PCOSUW) Strategic Plan is to engage in ongoing monitoring and assessment of gender equity and inclusivity.To this end, the PCOSUW is conducting a systematic assessment ofuniversity policiesfor unintended bias or adverse effects on women and diverse communities. 

Annual Unit Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness Self-Study Supportive Feedback

Based on self-study data collected annually since 2013, this feedback addresses general challenges, successes, and plans that arose as common themes across the Montana State University Bozeman campus. The aim of the document is to provide specific feedback to assist in overcoming challenges by providing insight from other units, departments, and other institutions on how to address issues surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

Diversity Inventory

As part of the goal to improve campus climate through education, visibility and the celebration of gender equity and diversity in the MSU system (Goal 3 in the Strategic Plan 2012-2015). The Commission developed a list of MSU resources focused on gender equity and diversity including clubs, departments, events and articles.


Each year the commission organizes events as part of our mission to understand the challenges that face MSU around issues related to diversity and gender equity.

125th Anniversary

In celebration of MSU’s 125th anniversary, the PCOSUW honored women leaders, problem solvers and innovators from today and throughout MSU’s history.