October 9, 2014

April 15, 2015

October 9, 2014 9:00 - 10:30 am

  1.  Opening remarks by President Cruzado
  2. INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you and what is your role on the commission?
  3. SHOUT OUTS to CAMPUS ACTIVITIES/EVENTS that have made a difference to women?
  4. THANKS to those who have served previously; We need nominations/election for Chair o Communications Committee, Equity Policy Committee, and possibly Recognition Committee
  5. Reports from Committees:
    1. Recognition Committee ‐ Marilyn Lockhart (Chair)
    2. Assessment Committee – Becca Bellou (Chair) and Jessi Smith
    3. Work‐Life Integration Task Force – Susan Dana
    4. ADVANCE Grant Update – Jessi Smith (Director)
  6. Reports from MUS Campuses
    1. Billings Campus
    2. Great Falls
    3. Havre (Ideas for Representative on this committee?)
  7. By‐laws discussion: Modify by‐laws so everyone DOES NOT rotate off the board at the sametime (Volunteers to serve on this ad‐hoc committee?)
  8. Discussion of Diversity Statement in recruiting materials
  9.  Breakout Groups for Committees to Plan this Year’s Activities (e.g., ideas: equity advocatesthink about ONE thing they would like to do to enhance equity and inclusiveness in theirdepartment)
  •  Recognition Committee (Led by Marilyn)
  •  Assessment Committee (Led by Becca)
  •  Equity Policy Review Committee (Led by ??)
  •  Communication Committee (Led by ??)
  • 10) Report Out on Committee Discussions:
  •  Recognition Committee (Marilyn)
  •  Assessment Committee (Becca)
  •  Equity Policy Review Committee
  •  Communication Committee


PCOSUW Retreat – April 15, 2015

Outcomes:  Review and assessment of strategic plan (nearing completion); identify 3-5 themes for PCOSUW next focus; how will MSU be different as a result of what we do?

Strategic Plan Priorities

**Sustaining and expanding beyond ADVANCE  (16 votes)

**Equal pay for equal work (15 votes)

  • Data charrette (staff) and culture of opportunity

**Promoting knowledge of commission on campus (7 votes)

  • Speaker series—in fall: commission distinguished EQ and diversity lecture; Spring: continue implicit bias training at ADVANCE
  • Nominating people for national awards
  • Put returning HERS fellows to work on specific issues campus-wide
  • Road Race

**Improve all levels of communication—accountable/responsible for information exchange (6 votes)

**Chief Diversity Officer with well-funded office $$$$! (6 votes)

Promoting diversity to students (4 votes)

  • At MSU Fridays—sample classes and list resources for diversity
  • Grow Voice Center and provide space

**Develop and Review policies and assess effectiveness (4 votes)

**At Faculty/staff/administration orientation—add diversity discussions (2 votes)

**Campus community connection—diverse staff recruited from the area (1 vote)


Other ideas listed, but not receiving votes:

**Continue/add speakers—staff/students/faculty/administration. Promote culture of professional development

**Create functional clearinghouse for diversity groups—diversity mapping and reporting structure

**Increase understanding that we work for all forms of diversity (very explicit)—more measurable activities

**Membership diversity