Laura  Gittings-Carlson

MSU Billings Extended Campus, MSU-Billings

Laura Gittings-Carlson most definitely goes above and beyond her duties. She is always willing to step up and do extra work, whether it is to help someone in the office or to help students who need a little guidance.

Laura's positive attitude and her willingness to be understanding inspires others to work even harder and to do well in whatever task we are given. Because of these great traits, she inspires me to give my all and to follow her example.

Having a supervisor who is thankful for the work one is doing, and who is considerate, patient, fair and humble, is such a great feeling for all of us who work for her and with her. Her leadership skills are admirable; she keeps us all accountable and on task with our duties with great humility. She instills optimism, creativity and a desire in me to continue to learn more about my job.

Laura Gittings-Carlson deserves to be part of the Pure Gold of Montana State University.
Nominated by Shelly Ovalle; Received award on November 23, 2016

Steve Keim

Montana State University Police, MSU-Bozeman

I work with the best officers in the valley, hands down. Really, they all deserve Pure Gold awards for their stellar performance, but I want to single out one officer today: Officer Steve Keim. Not only has Steve had a distinguished military and police career (notable in and of itself), after retiring from the Bozeman Police Department, Steve has brought his extensive experience to the MSU Police Department.

While he is good at all aspects of police work, Steve's true passion is our Adopt-a-Cop program, which focuses on community outreach and developing a good rapport with our students. Steve devotes time to interacting with the freshman students, educating them on local and state laws, and investing in people in the campus community. In a time when the intent of police officers is often called into question around the nation, Steve humbly and kindly restores faith in police officers overall. And in the middle of the night, Steve's the officer I want backing me up in a dangerous situation.

Taking his oath of office seriously outside of work hours, when Steve isn't protecting and serving the campus community, he also serves by volunteering with Eagle Mount. Our community is a better place because Officer Steve Keim is part of it.

Taking his oath of office seriously outside of work hours, when Steve isn't protecting and serving the campus community, he also serves by volunteering with Eagle Mount. Our community is a better place because Officer Steve Keim is part of it.

Nominated by Amy Ross; Received award on November 16, 2016

Laurie Howell

Montana INBRE, MSU-Bozeman

You'll meet few people humbler, more down to earth, more talented than Laurie Howell. Despite all of her accomplishments over the past 25 years at MSU, when given an opportunity to toot her own horn, Laurie talks about other people's successes. "I just love to see students go on to do good things," she says. "When I think about my time at MSU, I think about all the students who've passed through INBRE's Summer Research Program. I think about former INBRE students like Hilary Fabich, who is studying at the University of Cambridge in England, Shavonn Whiten, who is getting her Ph.D. at Virginia Tech, and Dewey Brooke from Pony, Montana. He was a real hoot. He went on to med school.

Laurie's tenure at MSU dates all the way back to 1990, when she was hired by Henry Parsons to work with the Graduate Studies Department. In 1992, Laurie began working with Bill Hiscock and the Montana Space Consortium - a position she'd hold for nearly a decade.

In 2002 Laurie joined Montana INBRE as the Fiscal Manager. For nearly 15 years, Laurie has used her sharp accounting skills, tenacious attention to detail and unwavering integrity to keep INBRE finances on the straight and narrow. During that time, Laurie has consistently gone above and beyond. She is often the first one to work and the last one to leave. In addition to her job's regular duties, she has also helped build and manage INBRE student programs and even direct INBRE's widely attended Cafe Scientifique talks.

After 25 years of exceptional service to MSU, Laurie Howell is retiring. "I'm really going to miss the people and the wonderful sense of place this beautiful campus provides. When you spend so many years of life doing something, suddenly moving forward, changing - it's not easy. But how lucky am I to be able to say that I really loved my job? Not everyone has that, and I'm very grateful."

On behalf of all of us at INBRE, Laurie, please know we're the lucky ones. You're 100-percent Montana and 100-percent Pure Gold.
Nominated by Montana INBRE; Received award on November 9, 2016

Dr. Randy Bachmeier, Lindsey Bennett, Jason Geer, Caleb Hutchins

MSU-N Instructional Technology Department, MSU-Northern

I would like to nominate for Pure Gold the Instructional Technology Department at Montana State University-Northern for their effort, service, and dedication to the Northern staff and faculty, but just as much (or more) on behalf of our students.

The department is under the direction of Dean Randy Bachmeier, who began this Extended University outreach service and was the "on-call" person for several years.

I have subsequently witnessed firsthand -- and hear about from many people -- the prompt and efficient work of Caleb Hutchins, Jason Geer, and Lindsey Bennett, the current technicians. When there are "tech problems," which can be often, they give excellent advice, demonstrate the ability to listen to various situations, and then patiently fix and/or eradicate the troubles.

In addition, my students who are taking online classes, report to me that these IT people have also helped them with a myriad of their technologically related problems, and that the staff members were consistently helpful and courteous when doing so. They have also instituted a weekly array of seminar "helps" called "Tech Snacks," and in those mini-seminars they offer information, ideas and concepts that can provide immediate or future help to our professors on the many facets of teaching online.

We at MSU-N are grateful for their continuous help and support, for ultimately their assistance is a factor in recruitment and retention of our students.

In the photo (left to right): Jason Geer, Dr. Randy Bachmeier, Lindsey Bennett, and Caleb Hutchins.
Nominated by Dr. Fred Smiley; Received award on November 2, 2016

Aubrea Worm

Family and Graduate Housing, MSU-Bozeman

I am submitting for Aubrea Worm based on the exceptional service I have received from her (and really all of FGH). She always has everything ready, has been wiling to adjust meeting times and flexible in meeting my needs.

Her positive contributions are the professionalism and personal touch she lends to her duties. She follows up, is very friendly and speaking as someone who had to move here in a hurry and then move again with FGH to get ready for the rest of his family there can be a lot of anxiety in making sure your family has a roof above their heads. Aubrea takes this part of her job seriously and has really done an outstanding job in making this as easy as possible.

Moving to Bozeman has been great, the people are so friendly and Aubrea is no different. I find the warm, efficient and personal way she goes about her job inspiring and I think it sets a great tone for a new employee or even the family I bring with me.
Nominated by Greg Hess; Received award on October 26, 2016

Shana Wold

Research Centers, MSU-Bozeman

Shana has worked as an Administrative Associate IV in the Department of Research Centers at Montana State University since 2013. She is also the project coordinator for the Montana Economic Development Initiative (MREDI).

Shana administratively assists Dr. Barry Jacobsen in many of the day-to-day operations of seven research centers located across the state. Research centers have become a multicultural place over the past few years with staff, employees and students representing many countries.

I would like to nominate Shana for the Pure Gold recognition for her excellent skill in communicating with people from all cultures. Shana actively interacts with them and helps them work through any problems they may have.

She truly takes a personal interest and assists in training and problem solving for our local administrative associates. Since I was hired as superintendent of the Western Triangle Agricultural Research Center, I have found Shana to be very valuable in assisting me with budgets, reporting, etc.

There have been occasions when Shana has worked late at night to assist with the reconciliation of research center budgets when needed.

Shana also does an outstanding job assisting us with organizing and conducting our research center field days. In addition, she has demonstrated a high level of patience and a work ethic that I -- and I am sure others -- very much appreciate.

Shana has been one of the most honest, open, sincere, genuine and sharp persons I have worked with in my career. We are very lucky to have Shana as a member of the team at the Department of Research Centers.

Shana really deserves our encouragement, appreciation, and recognition. Shana is Pure Gold.

Nominated by Gadi VP Reddy; Received award on October 19, 2016

Kathie Callahan

LRS Department, MSU-Bozeman

Kathie Callahan attended MSU and worked as a student worker for some time at Renne Library before becoming its full-time Learning and Research Services librarian. In September, Kathie celebrated 25 years of dedicated service to MSU, 18 of them to the library, its staff and students. Kathie goes above and beyond helping to keep things running smoothly in the library.

Kathie is extraordinary in the way she has for so many years skillfully and compassionately built relationships with and supervised over 200 student workers in various areas of the library. She has a real knack for training students in understanding and gaining practical skill in the areas of library research, technology and electronic resources, while directly assisting them in being on the front lines at the fast-paced circulation desk. She is loved and respected for being a trusted friend and mentor for student workers, as she is soft in her approach yet solidly professional in her demeanor. To this day she says this is still her favorite part of her job.

Kathie's mother was also a librarian and a Livingston bookstore owner whose influence has helped Kathie to appreciate and love the library environment and find joy in the day-to-day responsibilities of helping students advance their educational goals at MSU.

Kathie is well loved by library staff and deserves a big hug and �thank you� from MSU Renne Library.
Nominated by Vicki Stringfellow; Received award on October 12, 2016

Katharine Brewer

Information Technology Center, MSU-Bozeman

Kathy Brewer is the embodiment of Pure Gold, and what the program stands for. She inhabits a multi-campus technical role in ITC where she provides outstanding service that directly impacts nearly every student, faculty, and staff member across the Montana State University system.

Above and beyond? Check! She routinely works outside of business hours (early mornings, late nights, and weekends) in order to minimize impact to the rest of the MSU community, while enhancing and maintaining the Banner product and other highly visible, high-use products such as MyInfo (student, faculty, staff self-service applications), DegreeWorks (advising), and Cat Course (course scheduling), to name a few.

Kathy brings a strong work ethic, deep technical knowledge, impeccable research skills, and a detailed and methodical process to her work. As a result, the university benefits from very solid and reliable systems and services. Her extensive skill set, both in terms of technology and institutional knowledge, combined with her easygoing demeanor, makes her an extremely valuable team member and garners her respect in the MSU community, both among technical and non-technical staff. Her work ethic and expertise combined with her kindness and professionalism inspire those who work with her to excel.
Nominated by Jerry Spicher; Received award on October 5, 2016

Brenda Lewis

Psychology, MSU-Bozeman

Brenda is the heart and soul of the psychology department. She goes above and beyond the duties of an average administrative assistant and works hard to find creative solutions for problems that she could just as easily say "are not my job!" Her willingness to engage with and assist our students is unparalleled. She will sit and talk through issues with our students until they feel confident and clear on their issue. Brenda watches over all of us in the department, putting out fires before we even know there is smoke. She took the initiative to clean up the entire two floors of our department this summer, including personally moving my boxes and boxes of confidential data, very nervous to trust anyone else with the move, as I was out of town. Brenda knows that it takes all hands on deck to run a department, and she will come in on the weekend to help unpack boxes and she will research every option to make sure our graduate and undergrad students are signed up for classes, paid on time, and feel empowered. Brenda is a champion for psychology and for MSU, both on and off campus. She inspires me to slow down, to share a smile, and remember we are here for the students and for each other. She is Pure Gold.
Nominated by Jessi Smith; Received award on October 5, 2016

Dawn Major

Honors College, MSU-Bozeman

Dawn Major constantly goes above and beyond to serve the students and faculty in the Honors College at Montana State University. From Hike and Read, to Ski and Read, Freshman orientations, Great Expeditions, Presidential Scholarship interviews, Honors Ambassadors, graduation -- there simply is not a facet of "what we do" in Honors that Ms. Major is not a part of, moreover, that she has contributed to in meaningful ways by streamlining processes and operations. Her care for our students, the respect that she has shown parents and faculty, and her cheerful demeanor combine to present our university in an exemplary manner.

She has inspired me, and all who come in contact with her, to do our very best to serve our students and the people of Montana in all we do, with a cheerful disposition and unlimited energy.
Nominated by Ilse-Mari Lee; Received award on September 21, 2016

Leann Koon

Western Transportation Institute, MSU-Bozeman

Leann Koon graduated from Montana State University with a bachelor's and master's degree in Agricultural Education and has applied her diverse skillset and winning personality to a wide variety of projects while employed in the Systems Group at the Western Transportation Institute for more than 10 years. Leann's hard work has led to repeated successes, such as the national award-winning and soon-to-be 11th Annual Western States Forum, as well as numerous related projects.

Leann currently serves as a Research Associate II and is co-principal investigator on multiple high-profile research projects. She has progressively taken on greater responsibilities during her time at WTI.

In addition to general research, Leann oversees program and event planning, curriculum development and professional training, as well as website content development and student coordination with the WTI Systems Group. When asked to describe her responsibilities, Leann always starts by saying, "My job is almost entirely about being a team player."

Indeed, Leann is a team player who gets along with everyone in our organization and is viewed as a key staff member by all of our sponsors. Growing up on a ranch in eastern Montana certainly helped to build her great character and strong work ethic.

In her spare time, Leann volunteers with the FFA at local, state and national levels, and serves as an adviser in multiple capacities to Delta Gamma Chapter, Alpha Gamma Delta. Leann's husband, Jon, is also an MSU graduate and their young son, Josh, is surely a future Bobcat. "Pure Gold" only begins to describe Leann's commitment to Montana State University!

Nominated by Doug Galarus; Received award on September 14, 2016

Jackie Bergstedt

Education/Field Placement, MSU-Bozeman

Arriving at work in Reid Hall each day before the lights come on, Jackie Bergstedt has loyally served the MSU Department of Education's Field Placement and Licensure Office for 19 years. As the licensing, certification and permit technician, she has helped thousands of undergraduate pre-service and in-service teachers to earn, receive and upgrade their teaching licenses. Despite ever-changing regulations and clients' challenges in addressing them, Jackie consistently maintains a cheerful attitude and remarkable efficiency along with highly professional competence qualities that make her a joy to have at one's side when navigating difficulties. Her co-workers count an opportunity to problem-solve with Jackie to be a high spot in their day and an inspiration to do one's best with a smile.

For a multitude of educators in Montana and beyond, Jackie has been a memorably helpful encounter on the road to their career success. Beyond her sterling work record, her caring nature and commitment to human connection have truly made her worthy of the Pure Gold distinction. As one student stated, "Jackie Bergstedt is a personable, hardworking professional who is always willing to take time out of her busy schedule to assist students with any academic or personal obstacles. Her upbeat, positive attitude results in students feeling that their concerns are a priority."
Nominated by Gini Mohr; Received award on September 7, 2016