completion and closeout

Award completion is the final reconciliation and reporting of project expenses and activities. Sponsor terms and conditions may require deliverables such as a final report or various closeout forms at the end of a project in order for MSU to receive final payment.

Closeout activities include reviewing project expenditures, resolving open commitments, collecting subrecipient documents, preparing final reports for submission to the sponsor, and account/award closeout.

To facilitate a timely closeout, OSP recommends reviewing project details at 90, 60, and 30 days prior to the project end date. If a no-cost extension is needed, contact your OSP Fiscal Manager to begin the request process.

Items for review during closeout:

  • All expenditures have posted (including charges from recharge centers, subawards, purchasing cards, travel reimbursements, tuition, salaries & wages, etc.).
  • Final invoice from subrecipients have been received.
  • Final payment has been received.
  • Final expenditures reported to the sponsor match the total expenditures
  • All unallowable charges have been removed.
  • Staff have been terminated or moved to other funding sources.
  • Outstanding encumbrances have been liquidated.
  • Accounts are not over-spent and deficit balances have been cleared.
  • Cost share obligations have been met.
  • Project deliverables have been met (including subrecipient deliverables).
  • Final technical/scientific reports have been submitted.
  • Required invention, patent, and property reports have been submitted.