1. The OSP Electronic Proposal Clearance Form (ePCF) works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  2. The application uses the MSU NetId and Windows Network Domain, for example, [email protected] . Most internet browsers accept a shorter version, [email protected] . Please call the OSP Main Office at (406) 994-2381 to have your userid added to the security and role tables before you try to use the website.
  3. The application uses the Banner University Recognized (OFFICIAL) E-mail Address. Currently the university requires that new employees add or verify the address using the utility at MSU MyInfo / Secure Area / Personal Information / Update E-mail Address
  4. PopUps must be allowed for the server, helene.msu.montana.edu . The application displays a warning when PopUps are not allowed and you need to change the setting. If you need assistance for your particular browser, please contact the MSU Help Desk at Ext 1777.
  5. Put the email address, [email protected] in the Safe Senders list in your email program so messages do not go to your Junk email folder.


Draft and submit an ePCF.

If you are prompted for a userid and password, the userid format accepted by all browsers is [email protected] Most internet browsers accept a shorter version, [email protected] The MSU policy is to have the password for the NetId expire every six months. To set the password, you can use UIT's utility. Click on MyInfo Profile to open the utility in a new window.