Faculty members who serve as Principal Investigators (PI’s) who include and pay Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) salaries from OSP funding sources with F&A’s will be eligible to receive a percentage return from the VPREDGE.

Calculation of Returned Amount

Under this program PI’s will receive 15% of the F&A generated by expenditures in GRA account codes 61127 and 61127A per semester up to a maximum of $10,000. There is no minimum deposit amount and funds will be deposited after each semester in January, June and August, into a separate PI fund/index established by REDGE.  Prior to subsequent disbursements a review of the current cash balance in the PI’s fund/index will be determined to see if an additional distribution can be made. If the PI’s fund/index balance is greater than $10,000 when new distributions are being calculated, no distribution will occur for that semester, calculations will not accumulate or be done retroactively, and undistributed amounts will revert to the central pool in REDGE. The distributed funds will be reflected as income (account code 53360G) and the description will state which semester was involved (e.g. “IRD GRA FY21 Fall”). PI’s can begin spending once funds have been received, NO expenditures can occur in advance of deposits.

Anticipated Use of Returned Funds

It is expected that these funds will be utilized to further support of the research mission at MSU. Typical types of expenditures could be travel, equipment, supplies, student and research personnel salaries, tuition and fees and service agreements. Per MSU policy, all REDGE funds are subject to an administrative fee, assessed by the Vice President of Administration and Finance Office, which is currently 6%.

Establishment of PI Fund/Index Numbers

One fund/index for each PI will be established by the Research, Economic Development and Graduate Education (REDGE) Office. The PI’s home department/organization number will be utilized for the designated fund/index set up.  A standard naming nomenclature of “IRD Support PI Last Name” will be used. Funds will be managed by the appropriate departmental or Fiscal Shared Services (FSS) personnel and any remaining cash balance at the end of each fiscal year can be caried forward to the next year. Any overspent fund/index numbers will be the responsibility of the PI and department to handle. If a PI transfers to a new department/org, a new fund/index can be established to move any remaining balance to the new location. When a PI leaves MSU any remaining balance will return to the VPREDGE.

Final Version: 1-19-2021