Y/N – Will Centers or Institutes receive Credit for their involvement in the Research Project?


To provide notification that a Center or Institute will receive credit for a specified percent of expenditures from an award when a separate budget and fund/index is not practical or needed. The amount of credit is based on the contribution of a center or institute to a research project and determined by agreement from the parties involved in the project.  Credit is not reflected in Banner accounting records. The percent of credit is stored in a separate system and used to report on research activity across the university. This option applies to Full Proposals only. Pre-Proposals, Limited Submission Pre-Proposals and MSU internal awards do not include the specifications.


If No:

  1. No further action is needed.

If Yes:

  1. Identify centers and institutes participating in a project by entering the percent of contribution from a list of centers and institutes recognized by the Office of the Vice President of Research, Economic Development and Graduate Education. The total amount of credit must be less than or equal to 100 percent.
  2. Centers and Institutes identified by a percent of credit will be included in the Proposal Clearance Form (ePcf) routing for approval so that all parties have knowledge of credit arrangements.
  3. When the award is opened, the OSP fiscal manager and principal investigator will confirm and/or update the credit percentages to be listed for centers and institutes.
  4. Reports calculating research expenditures and credits for organizations across the university will be generated and distributed quarterly to College Deans and Center/Institute.
  5. Retroactive credits to a previous fiscal year are not possible at this time.