Y/N – Will expenditures be shared among multiple departments, centers or institutes in separate funds/indexes?


To provide notification that budgets and expenditures will be divided among separate OSP managed funds/indexes when multiple departments, centers, or institutes will be funded from a single award. This option applies to Full Proposals only. Pre-Proposals,  Limited Submission Pre-Proposals and MSU internal awards do not include the specifications.


If No:

  1. Attach the MSU detailed budget form for a single organization to the full proposal clearance form (ePcf).

If Yes:

  1. Attach the MSU detailed budget form for multiple organizations which includes a tab for each organization sharing expenditures from the award. The entries for individual organizations will equal the total budget submitted to the sponsor.
  2. Specify additional details about the shared expenditures in the text area provided for the option.
  3. On the Add Approval page of the ePcf, select each organization sharing expenditures so the head of the organization can review the form during routing for approval.
  4. Once awarded, separate OSP funds/indexes will be established in Banner for each organization identified on the multi-tab budget form. The OSP fiscal manager and Lead PI for the award will confirm the information from the proposal before the individual funds/indexes are established.
  5. OSP will establish an internal Rollup code to connect the multiple OSP funds/indexes so that one report can be submitted when required by the sponsor.
  6. Each PI will be responsible for monitoring expenditures for their fund/index. The Lead PI for the award will monitor total expenditures.