Many awarding agencies encourage collaboration in research. If a grant is issued to MSU and work is to be performed at another institution, a subaward may need to be issued. The Subaward Team in the Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for processing and monitoring all subawards issued from MSU to collaborative researchers. 


At the proposal stage – PHS proposals only  New Public Health Service disclosure of financial conflicts of interest has changed some application requirements for collaborative projects.

Request a Subaward

Requesting a Subaward is a three-step process.

  1. Email the Subrecipient Commitment Form or its link to your collaborator. They and their Sponsored Programs office will complete the form and return it to you for signature.
  2. Download and complete the Subaward Request Form.
  3. When all the steps on the Subaward Request Form have been completed, e-mail all completed forms to [email protected]. Your packet must include at a minimum:
    1. Subaward Request Form
    2. Subrecipient Commitment Form signed by Subrecipient and the MSU PI.
    3. Scope of Work
    4. Budget Justification that corresponds to the Subaward Current Authorized Amount.

Modify an Existing Subaward

Modifications to the prime award do not automatically flow down to the subaward.  If a modification (e.g., changes in budget, cost sharing, scope of work, time period, etc.) needs to be made to a subaward, the MSU PI needs to submit a Subaward Modification Request Form to the OSP Subcontract Manager. E-mail all completed forms to [email protected].

Annual A-113 Audit Certification

Procedures for Ensuring Compliance with 2 CFR 215

Procedures for Ensuring Compliance with 2 CFR 215:  Debarment and Suspension

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