• Field work on Weddell seals in Erebusy Bay, AntarcticaDynamics of the Erebus Bay Weddell seal population is currently funded through July of 2027.  The web site for the project includes a variety of resources including general information, multimedia products, and classroom materials based on our research on Weddell seals in Antarctica is provided at Weddell Seal Science Web Portal, which is a site produced by by video journalist and education video producer Mary Lynn Price, who lived and worked with our team for much of the 2010 field season and continues to produce outreach content for the project. 
  • Collaboratiive research with Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks on elk movements and habitat selection in Montana.
  • Much of the research I'm involved with is done in close conjunction with graduate students. The list of those projects and current and past graduate students is posted, you can visit my graduate student page

Nest Survival Code from Past Research

  • Nest-Survival – Use of generalized linear models for estimating nest survival
    • Use of Programs MARK and RMark for analyzing nest survival data are described in one chapter and part of one appendix in"Program MARK: A Gentle Introduction" by Cooch and White.
    • Manuscript  describing use of SAS procedures & Program MARK for analyzing nest-survival data
    • SAS code for analyzing nest-survival data in SAS & MARK as described in the manuscript

Updated: 01/02/2023