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Our research spans the fields of solid-state, physical, and materials chemistry. We explore new synthesis routes to structurally and chemically tunable carbon-based materials with a chief interest in their application for energy storage. We have a special fondness for porous materials, especially those that push forward the frontier of how "porosity" is defined at a molecular scale. Contributing fundamental insights into gas and ion physisorption phenomena at the solid interface is also a goal of our work, using classical equilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.


hydrogen · gases · adsorbed fluids · fuels · carbon · silicon · batteries · energy storage · materials science


We are now a seven year old research group, having kicked off in January 2017. We are always looking for team members with enthusiasm for hands-on projects ranging from gas manifold apparatus design/construction (some have jokingly called this "space plumbing") to solid-state synthetic chemistry (quartz-blowing and high-temperature techniques). Gas adsorption measurements are a "bread and butter" activity in this group spanning almost all projects, and we have recently added several projects in electrochemistry. Our theoretical department is seeking keen minds with an interest in thermodynamics and statistical mechanics to answer frontier questions in next-generation energy storage materials. Our work covers a lot of different bases - rotate in and take a look!

Work With Us!

Grad Students:

Our group is not currently seeking PhD students; Nick will be on sabbatical until Fall 2025. For more information on pursuing a PhD in our department, check out the [Chemistry Admissions] page. Those who are interested in an interdisciplinary, materials-focused curriculum should check out the newly developed [Materials Science] program. Both programs are relevant to our group.

Undergrad Students:

We are usually very excited to host undergraduate projects that fall within the general outline of our work; however, this is currently on pause until Fall 2025 (see above). This includes students from abroad seeking international laboratory experience in the western US (e.g., Master's thesis projects). Please contact Nick directly or stop by the lab.


We do not currently have an open postdoctoral position, but applications for funding would be enthusiastically supported in relevant cases.



  • Mar 29th 2023  Three For Three

    Great news sometimes comes in bunches! This year's NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) cohort includes three names very familiar to the Stadie Group: we extend a huge congratulations to Kaitlin Garman, Seth Putnam, and Rylan Rowsey! All three started their research careers as freshmen way back in 2017 when we barely had a group. All three forged new research projects in our group and became leaders to the students, undergraduate and graduate, that followed. We are super proud of you and it is no surprise that the NSF recognizes this uncommon talent! More details about the GRFP can be found [here].


  • [News Archive]


  • NOVEL GRAPHITE-LIKE MATERIALS   In 2016, we discovered a new direct synthesis route to bulk, high boron-content graphitic carbon... [continued here]


  • HIGH-PRESSURE HYDROGEN STORAGE   At pressures above 10 MPa (~100 atm) at room temperature, hydrogen becomes significantly non-ideal... [continued here]


  • ZEOLITE-TEMPLATED CARBON   Synthesized by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) within the pores of a zeolite template, ZTCs are a novel class of 3D carbon materials warped out of the 2D... [continued here]


  • ULTRAFAST BATTERIES   We have several new projects in the design, fabrication, and testing of state-of-the-art and next-generation battery electrodes across several chemistries... [continued here]


For a complete list see [here], or check out Nick's Google Scholar page [here].


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