The Subzero Lab is a multidiscplinary facility that makes its world-class capabilities available to researchers at MSU and at other academic institutions as well as commercial partners. For an overview of the cold rooms, explore the facility. A detailed inventory of instrumentation is also available.

Anyone interested in using the Subzero Lab should contact director Kevin Hammonds, [email protected], 406-994-2176.

Cold rooms, instruments and technical assistance are offered under the general fee structure (below), which can be customized according to your project. 

Cold rooms (includes use of basic instrumentation, e.g. optical microscospes, dataloggers, etc.)


Internal academic (MSU)

External academic


Environmental Chamber(s)




Materials Prep. Chamber

$200/day $300/day $400/day

Hydrodynamics Chamber

$200/day $300/day $400/day

Structural Testing Chamber

$200/day $300/day $400/day

Class 1000 Clean Chamber

$300/day $400/day $600/day

Storage Chamber

$500/month $600/month $1000/month
 Type Internal academic (MSU) External academic Commercial
Micro-CT $75/scan $100/scan $150/scan
Micro-CT(oversize sample) $150/double-scan $200/double-scan $300/double-scan
Micro-CT Analysis $50/hour $75/hour $100/hour

Uniaxial MTS (w/Env. Chamber)

$20/test ($40) $35/test ($70) $50/test ($100)
Particle Velocimetry (ARAMIS) $50/hour $75/hour $100/hour