Users must comply  with all applicable FAA regulations (  and the University restrictions below at all times unless modifications are specifically requested and approved during the application process: 

  • No flights shall occur within 200 feet of a University Residence Hall. 
  • No flights shall occur within 50 feet of all other University buildings. 
  • Must adhere to the approved flight plan and other specifics of use designated and approved during the application process. 

Exceptions to these restrictions can be requested during the approval process. Each request will be reviewed and approved or not approved on an individual basis. 

Appropriate and Prohibited Uses

Any operation that is not approved in advance is prohibited. The following is a list of specific appropriate and prohibited uses:

  • UAS may be used in University research, academic pursuits, physical plant operations, safety and security, and commercial endeavors that benefit the University mission.
  • Protocols for the use, distribution, security, and retention of collected data must comply with University policy.
  • UAS shall not be used to monitor or record areas or individuals where and when privacy is expected. These areas include but are not limited to classrooms, offices, restrooms, locker rooms, residential rooms, hallways or lounges, health treatment facilities, campus daycare facilities and private residental properties.
  • UAS may not be used to take photos or videos of any workout, practice, or competition of any Bobcat Athletics team without the written permission of the Athletic Director or his or her designee.
  • UAS shall not be used to monitor or record sensitive institutional or personal information.
  • Any data inadvertently obtained on non-consenting individuals or their property must be expunged immediately. All reasonable efforts must be made to ensure that these data are not abused in any manner or transmitted outside of the test area. 

The University Police Department has the final authority to determine if unsafe conditions exist for operation of UAS on the MSU campus or other MSU property. UPD has the authority to cease operation immediately for the safety of individuals or property.