A small UAS or drone flying against a blue sky.

The Montana State University campus is a high-traffic area. As such, managing the use of Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) on campus is a vitally important part of ensuring the safety of our campus community. MSU follows a thorough and well-coordinated process in approving the use of UAS on and around campus. In accordance with this commitment to safety, approvals for operating an UAS on campus are given on a case-by-case basis with the proper notification of University Police and campus stake holders.

The information outlined in this web page applies to all university faculty, staff, students and hobbyists and recreational users who wish to operate UAS on or over University property. Members of the news media wishing to operate a UAS must also follow this process.

How to fly - Flight Requests

Filming with an UAS

Click here to learn how to film at MSU

NON-MSU employees only


MSU research flights

Click here if you are an MSU employee flying for research. 


MSU flights (other)

MSU employees and students who are flying for purposes other than research.

NON-MSU entities

Entities not affiliated with MSU click here to obtain flight permission. (Non-filming flights only)

MSU-owned UAS insurance registration

Insurance registration is required for all MSU-owned UAS equipment.