Duo supports standalone, one-time password hardware devices for two-factor authentication called Security Tokens

  • Available for purchase $23.00
  • Request a token using the New Token Request form
  • Assigned to a single NetID. Tokens cannot be loaned or used by an individual other than the one assigned to it.
  • The batteries are good for approximately two years. Defective or dead tokens can be traded in for a new one at no charge. Use the Token Replacement Request form to replace lost, stolen, damaged or expired tokens.
  • cannot be recharged 
  • does not require internet connectivity
  • lost or stolen tokens should be reported immediately using the Token Replacement Request form.
  • unused tokens should be returned to the department. 
  • can be reassigned to another user by completing the Token Reassignment Request form

Requests -the links below are for the types of token requests