About Us

UIT Marketing and Communication (MarCom)  is a collaboration of Paul Lindsay with UIT and Meaghan MacDonald-Pool with MSU News Service. Josh Turner oversees Marcom as part of UIT User Services. 


Paul Lindsay

UIT Marketing and
Communications Coordinator

Paul oversees UIT webpages and is responsible for making sure information is consistent across the site and up to date. Paul's webpage work happens exclusively in the CMS system, where he inspects individual wepages and prepares those outside of the CMS to be brought in and aligned with MSU's accessibility and brand standards. He is proficient in webpage redesign, video tutorial and document material creation. 

As Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Paul is also responsible for supporting customers, technical writing, technical training and instructional design/development to assist faculty and staff in adoption of UIT Services.

For questions about video trainings, website redesign or moving a webpage into the CMS, email [email protected] 
or call 406-994-4826 and ask for Paul.

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Meaghan MacDonald-Pool

Meaghan MacDonald-Pool

Writer, content producer

Meaghan has been with MSU News Service in University Communications since January 2019. She writes an array of features and news releases about events and people across campus, as well as updates and redesigns webpages. With MarCom, Meaghan works on curating content for UIT emails and news releases, in addition to reworking and writing original website copy to be stylistically and factually accurate.

If you have a request for written communications or webpage content, email [email protected] and ask for Meaghan.