Our Mission:

The Montana State University VOICE Center is committed to the belief that all people have the right to live free from violence and the fear of violence. We recognize that sexual and relationship violence are not isolated incidents, but rather are the expression of a pervasive attitude in which violence and control are acted out in a gendered and sexual manner. We believe that interpersonal violence can best be addressed through social action, education, and advocacy. The VOICE Center was formed to:

  • Provide a safe, highly confidential place on campus for survivors of interpersonal violence, offering support, advocacy, and resources.
  • Break the silence and raise consciousness surrounding interpersonal violence. Silence adds to a survivor's shame and delays recovering and healing.
  • Help restore personal power and dignity to survivors of interpersonal violence by providing choices and decision-making opportunities.
  • Identify and reduce the existence of interpersonal violence at Montana State University and provide education and information to all members of the Montana State University community on issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, harassment, and the root causes of violence.
  • Assist the MSU community in creating a culture of respect that doesn’t tolerate violence and discrimination of any kind.
  • Ensure effective communication between the VOICE Center and other people who are concerned about interpersonal violence, oppression, and discrimination.


Giving Power Back – VOICE Center’s Empowerment-Based Approach

VOICE Center advocates help restore personal power and dignity to survivors of interpersonal violence by providing choices and decision-making opportunities. We listen, believe, and support every survivor. We help survivors and their loved ones to become aware of and

understand all of the options available to them. We firmly believe that survivors of interpersonal violence know what is best for them, and we respect their decisions. We can work with survivors to provide support throughout their healing process.

When you call, text, or walk-in to the VOICE Center, you will be met by a highly-trained survivor advocate who will provide a space and time for you to talk about whatever concerns you have.

  • You do not need to share your name if you’d rather remain anonymous throughout the call or meeting. For more specifics about confidentiality and anonymity at the VOICE Center, click here (link to Confidentiality below in this section)
  • You are never required to share details of any traumatic incident at the VOICE Center. We want to create a comfortable experience for you and we recognize that sharing details of any traumatic event can be distressing. Even without details, we can discuss options and help you develop a plan for your healing that feels right for you.
  • You are always welcome to bring a friend or support person with you if that would make you feel more comfortable.

Advocates, counselors, and staff members are also available to accompany you to any appointment or meeting, whether it’s filing a report or complaint about the incident, obtaining medical services, meeting with a professor/employer, or any other need.

At the VOICE Center, we truly believe that you ultimately know what is going to be best for your healing and recovery. Through listening and discussing options, our counselors, advocates, and staff members will support you in making decisions about your healing process and will continue to support you throughout your process.

There are multiple ways to contact us to get help now (find this information listed on the sidebar or through the top-pulldown menu on mobile)