1. Tap Settings to open (figure 1).
    Select settings screenshot from iPhone.

    Figure 1.

  2. Tap Wi-Fi and slide to ON (figure 2).

    Select wi-fi and slide to on screen shot.

    Figure 2.

  3. Tap MSU-Secure (figure 3 ).

    Select MSU-Secure screen shot.

    Figure 3.

  4. Enter your MSU NetID and password and then tap Join (figure 4 ).
    This is the username & password you use to log in to campus computers.

    Screen shot of login.

    Figure 4.

  5. Tap Accept to accept the certificate (fig 5).

    Screenshot showing the Accept button to Accept Certificate.

    Figure 5.

  6. Once connected you will see a blue checkmark next to MSU-Secure (figure 6 ).

    Screen shot showing MSU-Secure checked and connected.

    Figure 6.