Wireless for MSU faculty, staff, & students

MSU-Secure provides a secure encrypted connection to the Internet and must be used to access campus resources such as printing and file shares (student "Z drives"). Use your NetID and password to log in.  See configuration instructions below to get connected.

eduroam (education roaming) is a secure encrypted wireless network that is available at participating institutions throughout the US and world-wide. As an eduroam member, MSU faculty, staff, and students can connect securely to the Web anywhere eduroam is available. 

For information about connecting to and using eduroam please visit http://www.montana.edu/wifi/eduroam.php.

Wireless for visitors

MSU-GuestCampus visitors can use the MSU-Guest network to access the internet. It does not require a NetID/password and is an open unencrypted network.

eduroamVisitors from any university who is a member of eduroam may use the network for secure access to the internet.

MSU-Secure Configuration Instructions