Montana Mental Health Ombudsman

The office of the Mental Health Ombudsman can provide information and assistance to individuals

seeking access to the public mental health services, or those currently receiving mental health services.


Phone: 406-444-9669



Montana Children’s Mental Health Bureau

The Children's Mental Health Bureau administers state funded mental health services for children in

Montana. They have resources and tips on how to provide proper mental health for kids and can connect you with people to help.


Phone: 406-444-2958

Address: 111 N Sanders, Rm 307, Helena, MT 59601



National Alliance on Mental Illness Montana

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) supports, educates, and advocates for Montanans with

Mental Illnesses and their families. NAMI Montana also developed Mental Health County Resource

Guides as a tool for people who live with serious mental illness and their families.


Phone: 406-443-7871

Address: 1331 Helena Ave, Helena, MT 59601


Email:[email protected]


Aware Inc.

AWARE strives to provide psychiatry to even the most rural Montana residents through telepsychiatry

and video conferencing. AWARE's team of highly trained and experienced psychiatrists across Montana

is available for assessments, ongoing treatment, medication management, and support.


Phone: 406-543-2202

Address: 616 Helena Ave. Ste. 305, Helena, MT 59601


Email: [email protected]


Youth Dynamics Inc.

Youth Dynamics provides strength-based, client-centered, supportive mental health services to children

and families.


Phone: 406-548-7022

Address: 1609 W Babcock, Suite A, Bozeman, MT 59715



Shodair Children’s Hospital

Shodair Children's Hospital serves children and adolescents in Montana who suffer from emotional,

mental, and behavioral problems.

Phone: 406-444-7500

Address: 2755 Colonial Drive, Helena, MT



Western Montana Mental Health Center

Western Montana Mental Health Center serves children, teens, and adults in Montana. WMMHC offers

community-based services, outpatient services, inpatient addiction recovery services, and housing



Phone: 406-532-8400

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1321 Wyoming St, Missoula, MT  59801



St. Peter’s Hospital Behavioral Unit

St. Peter's Health Behavioral Health Unit offers short-term, live-in care services for adults experiencing a

mental health crisis through an adult inpatient program and Montana's only geriatric inpatient program.


Phone: 406-532-8400

Address: 2475 E. Broadway, Helena, MT 59601



Gallatin Mental Health Care

Gallatin Mental Health Center (GMHC) offers psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care for children and adults. Our team can provide you with both a diagnosis and subsequent comprehensive therapy covering various types of psychological problems. We also offer help and cooperation in your long-term personal development. Therapeutic care is provided in a safe environment, with particular attention to the individual needs of all of our clients.


Phone: (406) 556-6500

Address: 699 Farmhouse Ln, Bozeman, MT 59715