The following is a list of our Spring 2023 Sack Lunch Seminars 

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"For what is done or learned by one class of women becomes, by virtue of their common womanhood, the property of all women." -Elizabeth Blackwell (first U.S. female physician)

February 8: What To Expect When You Are Expecting - And A Student At MSU!

SUB 168, 12-1 pm

What to expect When You’re expecting—And a Student at MSU!
Jessica Feltner, Madi Herman, Anna Slown, and Kyleen Breslin from the offices of Institutional Equity and the VOICE Center will provide an overview of the rights of pregnant and parenting students and graduate students. Topics of discussion will include how OIE and VOICE work together, what to expect when reaching out, OIE’s “lesser-known” role in providing supportive and protective measures, and a
case study on how MSU might respond to a complicated situation.

March 8: International Women's Day!

SUB Alumni Lounge, 12-1 pm

The Office of International Programs and the UNA-USA student club will celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8 th ) by hosting a panel discussion with several international students. Topics will include: if and how women are celebrated for International Women’s Day in their nations, their own personal goals, how they made the decision to come to the U.S. to pursue their studies and if there have
been challenges they have had to overcome as women in their fields.

March 29: The Golden Age, the Male Gaze, and the Superhero Wave: Exploring the History of Feminism and Hollywood

SUB 168, 12-1 pm

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, the glamor of the silver screen often acted as a symbolic tool of control over the autonomy and power of women and those seen as “others.” However, this classical period of cinema at times simultaneously illustrated the collective struggle over such symbolic control. Popular Hollywood film, from the Golden Age to the superhero blockbuster, thus reflects the cultural battlegrounds for some of our deepest political struggles around intersecting social identities. This
seminar, offered by MSU Sociology and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies instructor, Sarah Johnson-Palomaki, will explore select periods of Hollywood film history in relation to the impact of gender politics on popular cinema, the impact of popular cinema on gender politics, and the relationship between Hollywood and feminist resistance.

April 12: Post-Grad… Navigating Life after College

SUB 168, 12-1 pm

No one really talks about life after graduation, and the truth is that it’s tough. But it is also a time for rapid self-discovery and personal and professional growth. Sit down with Anna Burkholder, One Valley Community Foundation Marketing and Communications Coordinator, in conversation about the post-grad transition, balancing multiple jobs, and working in the nonprofit sector. Anna will go through some things she wished she knew before graduating, navigating new jobs, and how she found her purpose in the nonprofit sector.

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 "What I am proud of, what seems so simply clear, is that feminism is a way to fight for justice, always in short supply." -Barbara Strickland

Sack Lunch Seminars are free, fun, informal, and open to everyone!
Sponsored by the Women's Center, a department in the division of Student Success 
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