Proposal Timeline and Responsibility Chart

Bolded text indicates primary responsibility for task. Please note that proposals will ideally work on a much longer timeline and this timeline represents the absolute minimum time required for provision of services.

The figure is a vertical line with various stages bounded by a number of weeks. A circle with "Client Intake" is positioned at the top of the vertical line. A stop sign is positioned at the bottom of the vertical line.

The following stages appear to the left of the vertical line:

4 Weeks Out

  • PI reads RFA carefully and discusses project with research team
  • PI notifies (choose applicable) Dept. Acct., Pre-Award, and FM of impending submission
  • PI provides link of RFA to the above + list of personnel on the project and their role
  • Pre-Award sets up working folders and shares with the team
  • Pre-Award to provide PI with a checklist of required docs, the current guide(s), and docs required for sub-awardees/collaborators

3 Weeks Out

  • Pre-Award to provide PI with templates and examples + download current forms (SF-424 etc.)
  • Pre-Award to connect PI to any helpful people or programs in the Research Network (see chart)
  • Pre-Award to advise PI to seek review from senior colleague or expert on tech. content
  • Pre-Award to suggest additional staff needed for project and provide contact info (evaluators, experts, etc.)
  • PI to contact any needed personnel
  • Dept. Acct. to provide PI with any needed info (salary, dept. fringe, etc.)

2 Weeks Out

  • PI to draft project narrative and provide to team including Pre-Award
  • Fiscal manager to help PI with budget docs (all)
  • Pre-Award to review budget against project to check for fit and appearance
  • PI to access doc templates and begin adding content
  • PI to send any prepared docs to Pre-Award for review, edit, and upload
  • Pre-Award will review, edit, and make suggestions to all docs and save under new file name

1 Week Out

  • Pre-Award or Dept. Acct. to fill out any forms (SF-424s, cover sheet, etc.) using the OSP Info Sheet and PI/Co-PI CVs
  • Pre-Award to collect any institutional documents and/or signatures needed and ensure all subaward forms have been received, reviewed, and uploaded to folders/package (5 days before deadline)
  • PI will review and make final edits to any docs prepared by Pre-Award

Three Days Before (72-hour rule)

  • PI to provide final package for review and submission to fiscal manager via ePCF (3 days before deadline)
  • Fiscal manager to review documents and budget against RFA and for compliance
  • Fiscal manager to notify PI of any missing or incorrect documents
  • PI to make corrections and submit revisions to fiscal manager for upload via "Transfer Agency Files" feature in ePCF
  • Fiscal manager to submit proposal and provide team with notification of submission