Adjunct Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office:   Traphagen Hall #206A
Phone:   (406) 994-6906

Office Hours: Fall 2012

MW 3:00-4:00


Ph. D. - Earth and Planetary Science - University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, - 2009                   
B. A. – Geology and East Asian Studies (magna cum laude) - Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH - 2004

Research Interests

  • Development of crystallographic preferred orientation during deposition, crystal growth, deformation, phase transformations, and recrystallization.  The effects of preferred orientation on bulk physical properties.
  • High pressure and temperature mineralogy/rheology.  Much of my research has been experimental work to synthesize and deform ultra-high pressure and temperature mineral phases using a variety of deformation devices such as the multi-anvil press and the diamond anvil cell.  Some of these mineral phases are only stable at pressures greater than a million times atmospheric pressure!  As samples are deformed at high pressure and temperature, in-situ synchrotron x-ray diffraction is used to measure preferred orientation development and elastic distortion of the crystal lattice.
  • The link between microscopic deformation mechanisms and large scale phenomena like seismic anisotropy.  This approach combines experimental work with numerical modeling.  One goal is to be able to use observations of seismic anisotropy in the lowermost mantle to determine flow patterns associated with mantle convection.

Selected Publications

W. Kanitpanyacharoen, S. Merkel, L. Miyagi, P. Kaercher, C. N. Tomé, Y. Wang, H.-R. Wenk (2012). Significance of mechanical twinning in hexagonal metals at high pressure. Acta Materialia 60(1), 430-44

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L. Miyagi, W. Kanitpanyacharoen, S. Stackhouse, B. Militzer, H.-R. Wenk (2011). The Enigma of Post-Perovskite Anisotropy: Deformation versus Transformation Textures. Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 38(9), 665-678.

L. Miyagi, W. Kanitpanyacharoen, P. Kaercher, K. K. M. Lee, H.-R. Wenk (2010). Slip systems in MgSiO3 post-perovskite: Implications for D” anisotropy. Science 329, 1639-1641.

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