Field Geology (GEO 429R) – 3 Credits

Course description

The MSU Summer Geology Field Camp is a rigorous 4-week summer field course focused on field mapping and data collection in a wide range of geologic settings. The course emphasizes time-tested methods and also includes an introduction to cutting-edge electronic mapping & data collection. Students will master geologic map-making and professional report preparation through intensive problem-based exercises. GEO 429R is a project-based research course and fulfills requirements for an upper division capstone field course in geologic mapping and field techniques.

Major Topics

  • Structural mapping of folded and faulted sedimentary rocks
  • Structural mapping of metamorphic rocks & associated ductile structures
  • Mapping of intrusive igneous (plutonic) rocks
  • Mapping of volcanic rocks
  • Geomorphology & surficial mapping of fluvial, glacial and tectonic landforms
  • Precambrian geology and tectonics of the Wyoming craton and Great Falls Tectonic Zone
  • Regional geology and tectonics of the northern Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone geoecosystem
  • Fold-thrust belt tectonics


GEO 429R is a junior/senior level  field course. Students must have successfully completed the following prerequisite courses prior to the start of field camp.

  • Earth History or Historical Geology (MSU GEO 211) - or equivalent 
  • Sedimentation & Stratigraphy (MSU GEO 309) - or equivalent
  • Geomorphology (MSU ERTH 307) - or equivalent (No longer required starting summer 2019)
  • Structural Geology (MSU GEO 315) - or equivalent
  • * Starting Summer 2019, Field Methods (GEO 428) will also be required


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MSU Field Camp Information
Department of Earth Sciences,
Montana State University,     P.O. Box 173480,      Bozeman, MT 59717-3480
Location: 226 Traphagen Hall,     Tel: (406) 994-3331,     Fax: (406) 994-6923
Field Course Coordinators: Dr. Devon Orme, Dr. Drew Laskowski ;