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MSU expert on wildfires will use Fulbright to conduct research, teach in Chile

Dave McWethy will use his grant both to conduct research and teach at the University of Concepción. It’s the same South American university where MSU graduate Brent Zundel is currently investigating water issues with a Fulbright research grant. Concepción is Chile’s second largest city and located near the center of the country. Read more here.


Horner wins lifetime achievement award from Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Montana State University paleontologist Jack Horner has won the highest honor given by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. Read the full story here.

A Fossil Mecca

MSU Students revitalizing Carter County Museum. Read the full story here.

WISSARD project explores subglacial lake (Antarctica Special Assignment: Part 4) KBZK Reports

To view the news special click here.

First class of MSU undergraduates heads to Antarctic Peninsula

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December 03, 2012 -- By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Servic
BOZEMAN - Eight Montana State University students majoring in everything from English to earth sciences will soon head to Antarctica to learn more about the ecology, climate and geopolitics of the Antarctic Peninsula. Read More...

Article in the April print version of Earth Magazine, published by American Geosciences Institute entitled “Ice-dwelling bacteria thrive”. The article is based on the results of the following paper Bakermans, C. andSkidmore, M.(2011b). Microbial Respiration in Ice at Subzero Temperatures (-4 to -33oC). Environmental Microbiology Reports, 3(6), 774-782. The April print issue of Earth Magazine.

MSU geology professor heads for Mount Everest

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March 16, 2012 -- By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Service

MSU paleontologists excavate dinosaur clutches in China

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February 08, 2012 -- By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Service

Department of Earth Sciences and Institute on Ecosystems receives Joint Fire Science Program grant to develop Northern Rockies Fire Science Network with team of fire scientists from the Northern Rockies

The USDA Joint Fire Science Program has awarded a two-year grant to a collaboration of university and federal scientists involved in fire science research to develop a Northern Rockies Fire Science Network (NRFSN) - Knowledge Exchange Consortium.  The purpose of the NRFSN is to improve fire science and delivery to forest managers, identify research gaps and strengthen collaborations between fire science researchers and managers.  David McWethy from the Department of Earth Sciences is a Co-PI on the grant with scientists from the University of Montana, Salish-Kootenai College, University of Idaho-Moscow, National Park Service, US Geological Survey and the Rocky Mountain Research Station. 

Dinosaur hunter: Jack Horner

MSU paleontologists, colleagues discover new raptor species in dinosaur "graveyard"

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September 19, 2011 -- MSU News Service

Sediment at the bottom of Yellowstone National Park lakes a window on ancient world

August 22, 2011 - By Carly Flandro, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

New MSU research sheds light on South Pole dinosaurs

August 03, 2011 -- By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Service 

MSU moves forward with U.S. Department of Energy backed carbon dioxide storage project in northern Montana

ASMSU Exponent: Bringing the Classroom Outdoors

Article by: Nathan Carroll 2011 Field Geology student

MSU grad student will use NSF fellowship to uncover secrets of ancient Montana rocks

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July 18, 2011 -- By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Service

Breaking ground

David Varricchio's findings have cast a new light on dinosaurs and their young
by Evelyn Boswell

MSU grad student thrilled to study ancient marine mammals

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May 02, 2011 -- By Evelyn Boswell, MSU News Service