Assistant Research Professor

Contact Information:



B.S., Geosciences, Hobart College, 1978
M.S., Earth Sciences, Montana State University, 1980
Ph.D. Candidate, Geology, University of Colorado

Research Interests:

My research interests focus on both the surface and subsurface analysis of sedimentary basins and the stratigraphy of basin-fill deposits. The projects I am currently involved with include reservoir scale sequence stratigraphy of the Iles Formation - NW Colorado, stratigraphy and hydrocarbon potential of Cretaceous rocks in the Green River basin of Wyoming, and the study of Pennsylvanian Morrow incised valley-fill sequences of eastern Colorado and western Kansas.

Selected Publications:

1994 Bowen, D.W., Weimer, P., Krystinik, L.F., and Dejarnett, B.B., Application of high-resolution sequence stratigraphy to development of Pennsylvanian Morrow sandstone reservoirs, eastern Colorado and western Kansas, Keynote Paper, AAPG Hedberg Research Conference, Application of Sequence Stratigraphy to Oil Field Development, Paris, France.

1993 Bowen, D.W., Weimer, P., and Scott, A.J., The relative success of siliciclastic sequence stratigraphic concepts in exploration: examples from incised-valley fill and turbidite-systems reservoirs: AAPG Memoir 58, p. 15-42.

1993 Bowen, D.W., Weimer, P., Scott, A.J., Case studies of the application of siliciclastic sequence stratigraphic concepts in mature and frontier basins: Society of Petroleum Engineers Paper 026438.

1990 Bowen, D.W., Krystinik, L.F., and Grantz, R.E., Geology and reservoir characteristics of the Sorrento-Mt. Pearl field complex, Cheyenne County, Colorado: in Sonnenberg, S.A., ed., Morrow Sandstones of SE Colorado and Adjacent Areas: Denver, Colorado, RMAG, p. 67-77.