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Email:  frankiej@montana.edu

Dr. Jackson's CV (2016) (Word Doc)


B.A., University of Montana, 1992
Ph.D., Montana State University, 2007

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Fossil Eggs

Research Interests

My research interests include the study of fossil eggs, dinosaur reproductive biology and paleoecology, and the evolution of reproductive traits in birds.  Fossil egg arrangement and microscopic study of eggshell structure (including calculation of water vapor conductance rates) provide important information on dinosaur reproductive biology and physiology.  In addition, sedimentologic study of and assessment of diagenesis provide evidence for paleoenvironmental interpretation of Late Cretaceous nesting sites. Currently, my research focuses on modern archosaurian (crocodillians and birds) nesting sites in Florida and the Pacific northwest and fossil egg localities in the western United States, China, and Spain.  Additional research includes assessment of geologic structures for potential carbon sequestration and earth science education.

Current Graduate Students

I am no longer taking graduate students; if interested in the Graduate Program, please contact Dr. David Varricchio for information.

Selected Publications

Articles:(*indicates student)

Ferguson*, A. L., Varricchio, D. J., Pina, C. I., Jackson F. D. in press. From eggs to hatchlings:  nest site taphonomy of American crocodile (crocodylus acutus) and broad-snouted caiman (Caiman latirostris). Palios.

Schmitt, J.G., Fisher, J. W., Pac, D. F., Jackson, F. D., Patterson, S. J. Ashchoff, J. L., Challender, S. in press. Geoecology of the Marias River Canyon, Montana, USA:  Landscape Influence on Human Use and Preservation of Late Holocene Archaeological and Vertebrate Remains. Geological Society of America Special Paper.

Lawver*, D. and Jackson, F. D. 2017. An accumulation of turtle eggs with embryos from the Campanian (Upper Cretaceous) Judith River Formation of Montana. Cretaceous Research 69:90-99.

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Lawver*, D., Jin, X., Jackson, F.D., Wang, Q. 2016. An avian egg from the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Liangtoutang Formation of Zhejiang Province, China. DOI: 10.1080/02724634.2016.1100631

Lawver*, D., and Jackson, F.D.  2016. A fossil egg clutch from the stem turtle Meiolania platyceps: implications for the evolution of turtle reproductive biology. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. DOI: 10.1080/02724634.2016.1223685.

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Book Chapters:

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On-line Public Education:

Wilson*, L., Chin, K. Jackson F.  2010.  The Study of Fossil Eggs and Eggshells; Berkeley Museum on-line exhibit (http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/science/eggshell/index.php).


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