Full Time 2016-17

Adhikari, Arjun Postdoctoral Researcher, Ph.D. (biological sciences), Baylor University, 2014. Ecophysiology, shrubland ecosystems, isotope and infrared gas analysis. 406-994-2670; arjun.adhikari@montana.edu

Himes Boor, Gina Assistant Research Professor, PhD (biological sciences), Montana State University, 2010. gkhimesboor@montana.edu

Ireland, Kathryn Assistant Research Professor, PhD (forest sciences), Northern Arizona University, 2013. 406-994-2670; kathryn.ireland@montana.edu

Phillips, Linda Research Associate, M.S. (earth science and physical geography), Montana State University, 1997 and 2000. Biological diversity at broad spatial scales, Remote Sensing and Geographic information systems to understand broad scale spatial patterns. 406-994-1614; lphillips@montana.edu

Renwick, Katherine Postdoctoral Researcher, Ph.D. (Ecology), Colorado State University, 2015. Plant community dynamics, climate change impacts, ecosystem modeling. 607-229-3179; katie.renwick@gmail.com

Part Time 2016-17

Bakker, Victoria Assistant Research Professor, PhD (wildlife, fish, and conservation biology), University California-Davis, 2003. Population models for adaptive management of rare and endangered species, movement behavior and habitat selection of habitat specialists 406-994-2460; vjbakker@gmail.com

Bramblett, Robert Assistant Research Professor, Ph.D. (biological sciences), Montana State University, 1996. Ecology and management of streams and riparian areas in Montana's prairie ecoregions. 406-994-4433; bbram@montana.edu

Ellis, Martha Postdoctoral Researcher, M.A. (Statistics, 2011), Ph.D. (Wildlife Biology, 2013), University of Montana. 406-994-4853; martha.ellis@montana.edu

Reese, Elizabeth Research Associate

Yano, Yuriko Research Associate