The below Outdoor Program Request Form must be completed and approved to hold an event or program in an outdoor area of campus.  On AND off campus groups and individuals must complete. Please view the MSU campus map and provide us with a DETAILED description of the area you wish to use for your event/program in the online form.

A number of outdoor areas are managed by Sports Facilities and therefore have a separate reservation process.  Please view the list of these areas HERE.

Outdoor Spaces Currently listed that fall under this approval process:

  • Hannon Lawn
  • Lewis and Clark Field
  • Quads
  • Romney Flagpole Area
  • SUB Mall (area outside Bookstore entrance of SUB)
  • Centennial Mall
  • Wally Byam Park
  • Roskie Beach
  • Areas outside any academic or campus building
  • Events in parking lots
  • Sidewalks and green spaces (such as chalk or staking objects)

All requests must be submitted at least two (2) full weeks before the event date.   If you submit outside of that time frame, we cannot guarantee approval of the event.

This form is for APPROVAL AND NOTIFICATION purposes only; it does not serve as a reservation. Use of space is on a first-come, first-served basis. You must wait to receive your final event approval email before moving forward with your event/program in an outdoor area of this campus.

Outdoor Programming Policy

  1. To use any outdoor area of this campus an "Outdoor Program Request Form" must have been filed and approved through the Office of Student Engagement. Any events/programs hosted on campus outdoor space without prior approval may be shut down immediately.
  2. Common hour exam schedules must always be checked. No programming should be done during common hour exams.
  3. Due to classes, events/programs with amplified sound will ONLY be allowed approved on campus Monday through Friday from noon to 1 pm on the Centennial Mall and the Hannon lawn area. AMPLIFIED SOUND IS NOT PERMITTED IN ANY OTHER LOCATION AT ANY OTHER TIME DURING THE WEEK!
  4. Any event/program that requires digging holes or driving any stakes into the ground (no matter how shallow) must receive explicit permission from the FACILITIES SERVICES approver and event/program organizers may be subject to a fee to have utilities located at the site of their choice.
  5. If your approved event includes serving food (even pre-packaged candy) or beverages to the public, per State of Montana food regulations, you must complete a Temporary Food Vendor Application online at least two weeks prior to the event for the University Sanitarian to review.  Please note if you plan to serve freshly prepared food, a Food Safety Online Training will need to be completed.  CLICK HERE to complete the Temporary Food Vendor application.  You will need to fill this out in ADDITION to the Outdoor Program Request form (found below) if you plan to serve food.
  6. The sale of ANY ITEMS in outdoor areas on the MSU campus is expressly forbidden.