Milton Mondlane from Mozambique and Ivan Camps Abad from Spain received full-tuition scholarships to attend the University of Bridgeport and the University of Pennsylvenia, respectively. Milton and Ivan are alumni of the EducationUSA program at Montana State University.

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Milton Mondlane.

In 2017, Milton and Ivan were two of eight participants who joined the EducationUSA program from Bulgaria, Canada, Spain, Turkey, Mozambique and Ecuador. While in Bozeman, the eight participants attended workshops on the university application process, and toured the campuses of Montana Tech, Caroll College, and Montana State University- Billings.

Eight months after he completed the EducationUSA program, Milton Mondlane, 17, received a full-tuition scholarship to attend the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.

"I am very thankful for the hope and assistance that you put forward for me during our small exchange program and the result is finally here," Milton said. "I will be going to University of Bridgeport." 

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Ivan Camps Abad.

Ivan Camps Abad, 17, was admitted to the University of Pennsylvenia four months following the completion of the Education USA program. Ivan will be double majoring in Physics and Business.

"The Academy provides an enriching environment that allows you to discover and challenge yourself, to build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses," Ivan said. "Something invaluable as you apply to U.S. universities, write your essays, and define your goals and preferences."

The EducationUSA Academy at Montana State University gives international high school students the chance to improve their English skills, learn about the American University system, and interact personally with the many cultures of the United States, all while enjoying the natural beauty and vibrant community of Bozeman, Montana. 

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