"The MSSE Program was the highlight of the past two years - not something I was expecting of completing a Master's Program!  Not only did I learn a ton but made relationships with my peers and professors as we pushed each other to explore what it means to constantly seek ways to become better educators."

"I am so incredibly thankful that I discovered the MSSE program two and half years ago! Part of me is happy to be graduated, but the other part is wishing that I spread out the courses over a longer period of time - to savor every moment of it! Every class I took was valuable and interesting to my learning and/or my teaching. The faculty and staff never made me feel 3,000 miles away!"

"This was an excellent program. Though I was initially nervous about it being conducted online, the coursework was challenging, flexible to a busy teacher's schedule, and, most importantly, relevant to our jobs. The MSSE program provided me with the information and support I needed to thoughtfully design my instruction using research-based methods and conduct my own research within my classroom."

"This program is truly life changing and has helped me to find purpose and direction as a teacher. I left the classroom for a few years during the program and the reflection allowed during my courses helped me to realize that my place was back in the classroom. Thank you for all that you do!"

"Observing the Capstone presentations was incredible!  I gained at least 5 new teaching strategies! The wide variety of classes offered was spectacular. Infact I want to continue taking them! The extent that the personnel went to help the students."

"The field courses were a lot of fun and a great way to meet/network with others in the program. The education classes really opened my eyes to best practices."

"Applying new pedagogy techniques into our classrooms with each MSSE course, campus courses, receiving a Master of Science degree instead of a Master of Arts"

"I loved that the MSSE program allowed me to enhance my skills as a teacher in multiple areas.  I gained a more in depth understanding of teaching pedagogy and conducting research in the classroom while also enhancing my own background in the sciences.  I also loved the field courses and only wish I would have had time to take more than the bare minimum.  As teachers we tend to get stagnant in our area of expertise and the field courses and online science courses added a new refreshing perspective and allowed to me see myself as more of a scientist."

"First and foremost, completing an individual capstone thesis was a major highlight of my career. Both the paper and presentation process. The process of teaching teachers how to be teacher researchers in a scaffolded process (over 3-4 semesters) and then execute a research project resulting in a professional, original contribution to science education was exceptionally well handled by all MSSE staff and a reflection of this significant field."

"The structure, service and seem-less approach to field vs. online makes MSSE unique, effective, and upholds a very prestigious reputation. I feel organizationally, intellectually, and professionally fulfilled from this MSSE experience and that my Masters really means something. The positive attitude of all MSSE staff precipitates to every MSSE student, and we all hold that valuable. I appreciate this professional modeling for educators to follow as we bring our expertise into our educational environments."

"It re-energized my teaching. It was easy to do on my own time. I loved being able to travel to Montana to take classes face to face when possible."

"This was a great program. Thank you for teaching an older dog new tricks. I wish I had taken this program and courses like it for my undergraduate education classes."

"I enjoyed every aspect of the MSSE program.  I actually looked into several master's programs and kept coming back to MSSE over probably five years before I finally started.  It turned out to be all that I expected and more and I would highly recommend the program to any science teacher looking to earn their master's degree."

"I had a BALL! I applied to this program for enrichment classes and to just stimulate my thinking while in a less than engaging professional position. Thanks for getting me through and teaching me what I still have to learn - it's a lot."

"Thank you in the most genuine way. I started the program thinking that when it was all done I would still consider myself a graduate from my first university and MSU would just be a means to a degree. Now that it is all said and done I have a place in my heart for MSU. I have some Bobcat in me after all. It has been a fantastic experience. One that has benefited me professionally, socially and academically"

"The professors and staff in the MSSE program area dedicated to making science be taught mindfully to students. The degree gives me the flexibility to be a scientist and a teacher"

"The MSSE program made me a better science teacher by strengthening my content knowledge, making me aware of current issues and approaches in science education, helping me develop resources to aid me in my teaching."

"The summer campus classes were fantastic, class sizes were small with a lot of interaction with the instructors."

"My positive graduate experience with MSSE is due to: (1) wide variety of choices for classes, (2) availability of the instructors and your office staff for questions/concerns, (3) online classes and their mode of delivery, (4) requiring time spent on campus/being able to choose when to be on campus, (5) choices for advisors, (6) accepting applicants from everywhere enriches the learning environment."

"I believe that the education courses are necessary. The courses allow the teacher to focus on their practice and learn new techniques to improve their practice. I also believe that on campus time is necessary. The amount of time can be left to the individual and his/her circumstances."

"There are so many interesting courses to take on campus and I don't think there could ever be enough time to take everything you wanted to take. I like the flexibility in the program and the ability to tailor it to what you can do."

"My students loved the fact that I was in school as well as them. It was a wonderful connection to build relationships."

"The flexible format of the entire program is essential for the positive graduate program. Everyone has different personalities, different needs, and different financial positions. The ability to take as much or as little time on campus or on-line to fit the different situations makes it appealing to all."

"Nothing about this program was negative. Everything was straight forward, seamless, no surprises... all a person had to do is rise to the expectation and meet the challenge."

"In an on-line environment, you get to know your colleagues very well through the discussions. For me, they got to know me far better in the on-line environment than in person because I am not a dominant personality. I only contribute when I have something to enhance, enlighten, or provide a different point of view. In the on-line environment, I'm heard!"

"MSSE made me a better teacher in many ways! First of all, it revealed misconceptions that I've had for 15+ years as an educator. It helped me reflect on what I have my own students do, how I deliver it and how I grade it. My action research project helped me use methodologies to increase how I deliver science, turning my students into learners instead of grade achievers."

"...the variety of courses offered in terms of content as well as a mix of both online and face to face - this is essential. Also, the education courses taking place during the school year is essential to be able to apply, in context, what we are learning."

"I have found no other program that could meet the needs of such a diverse group of teachers."

"Thank you for all of your help during the past three years. I am very happy that I got involved in the MSSE Program. It was the right place for me."

"This program is an excellent opportunity for rural teachers to gain an advanced degree from an established university. My only other option was getting an education degree from a totally internet university to further my career."

"The program is truly outstanding. I would heartily recommend it to any science teacher with whom I come into contact with."

"I talk about this program to anyone that will listen. I couldn't be more pleased with the program."