The MSU campus website has a secure area for you to see your student account and unofficial transcript. This is also a place to make changes in contact information (i.e. address, phone, email).  Please notify the MSSE office of these changes too.  IMPORTANT:  This is NOT the site where you will register for your MSSE graduate courses. Register for your fall, spring, summer online or campus graduate courses at the through "MyInfo". 

For “MyInfo”, click here.

Click on “Enter Secure Area.”* On the User Login page, enter your Student ID Number (including the preceding dash, e.g. -00000000) as your User ID, and PIN number. If you have logged into MyInfo previously and have forgotten your PIN, please enter your Student ID Number in the User ID box, select the “Forgot PIN” button and follow the directions.

If this is the first time you have ever logged into the My Info system, your initial PIN will be set as your date of birth with a format of ddmonyyyy. For example, if your birthday is January 1, 1970, your initial PIN will be 01jan1970. Please enter your month of birth in lowercase.

After entering your User ID and PIN, if you receive a message indicating “Your PIN has expired,” please re-enter your initial PIN (i.e. your date of birth) in the “Old PIN” box and then create a new PIN, which must be between 8 and 15 characters long, and contain at least one letter and one number. Note: If you add a special character to your PIN such as $,*, %, @, #, or &, you can use your PIN as your password for logging into Desire2Learn. Please remember your PIN for future use and note that your PIN will expire in 180 days.

You should next be asked to create two security questions in case you forget your PIN. Please create two security questions and answers.

Once inside the Secure Area of My Info, click on the tab labeled “Personal Information”, and then click on the link labeled “View IDs”. Please take note of your MSU IDs (MSU, D2L and NetID). To log into Desire2Learn, you may use either your D2L ID or NetID as your Username. At this point, you can log out of My Info. Remember to click “exit".

Here is a link to more information on logging into MyInfo:

If you encounter problems accessing your student record or come across a “HOLD”, contact the Registrar’s Office at 406-994-6650 or They will help you determine the reason for the “HOLD” and will direct you to the appropriate office. If you are unable to resolve the problem, then call the MSSE office.