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History of the Ceremony

The College of Nursing has traditionally sponsored an annual Recognition Ceremony in Bozeman the day before graduation in May. It was first held in June 1980 as a public declaration of the College of Nursing’s pride and scholarship. It was instituted to reunite seniors from the upper division campuses and honor them as a total class graduating from the MSU College of Nursing. Graduating seniors received their nursing pins and diploma covers in this formal academic ceremony. This event was scheduled in proximity to the overall University Commencement celebration enabling families and friends of the graduates to attend both ceremonies in one trip.

In 2011, the College of Nursing restructured the Recognition Ceremony into a Pinning Ceremony. Diploma covers, the wearing of academic regalia (robes, mortar boards, hoods), the “hooding” of advanced degree graduates and other expressions of academic graduation are no longer part of the College’s ceremony. Recognition of academic achievement occurs exclusively at the University Commencement ceremony on the Saturday immediately following finals week.

The Pinning ceremony, held the Friday afternoon preceding University Commencement, continues to serve to reunite nursing students from the various upper division campuses. It also serves to celebrate the end of the journey towards and entry into the nursing profession, represented by being “pinned”.

Pinning Ceremony – May 2014

Location: Strand Union Building Ballrooms on the Montana State University campus in Bozeman

Date & Time: May 2, 2014 at 2 PM in the SUB Ballrooms (Guests should be seated by 1:50)

Dress: Dress for this event is “Business Dress Formal

Line-up for Entry: Students and their “Pinners” (max of two) must arrive to check in and line up by 1:30pm.

Guests: Please limit the number of guests to no more than eight (including Pinners), to avoid exceeding the capacity of the facility.

Parking: Parking will be free in the MSU general parking lots, however tickets will still be issued to guests inappropriately parked in handicap or reserved parking spaces.