Title / Campus




Ackerman, Kimberly MSN, FNP

Clinical Instructor (Billings)

(406) 657-1738   
Androes, Sharon, MS, APRN Assistant Clinical Professor (Kalispell) (406) 751-6421
Andrus, Shelley, MSN, APRN, NP Clinical Instructor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4458 
Artis, Brandy, RN, BSN Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783



Babb, Kendall, MSN, ACNP-BC Clinical Instructor (Great Falls) (406) 240-6437
Baker, Michelle, BS Administrative Associate (Kalispell) (406) 751-6967
Bales, Ronda, MN-FNP-BC Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1731
Banta, Christine (Shelley), MSN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2786
Barksdale, Robert

IT Coordinator (Bozeman)

(406) 994-6846
Baskett, Sally

Clinical Instructor (Missoula)


Benavides-Vaello, Sandra

Campus Director (Missoula/Kalispell) and  Associate Professor

(406) 243-2521
Besel, Jamie, MN, RN, CNS Clinical Instructor (Billings) (406)657-1732
Borst, Chris (Garnes),BSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4457
Bourret, Rebecca, MS, APRN, CPN, PMHNP-BC Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783
Brown, Anne, MN, RN Clinical Instructor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4451
Buerhaus, Peter, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAANP(h) Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2681
Burg, Glenna, MS, RN, CNE Assistant Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2650
Buttler-Nelson, Christy Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2110 



Christensen, Kara Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls) (406)771-4451
Clayburgh, Trish, PhD, RN Associate Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (970) 219-9154 
Coburn, Brittany, MN, APRN, NP-C Assistant Clinical Professor (Kalispell) (406) 751-6421
Colclough, Yoshiko, PhD, RN Associate Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-6048
Cole, Casey, PhD, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CEN Assistant Clinical Professor (Kalispell) (951) 229-2431

Conner, Jeanne, MN, APRN, FNP Clinical Instructor (Billings) (406) 657-1768

Courville, Katheryn, MSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783

Creek, Tami, ADN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (406)771-2283

D, E, F


Damberger, Kathleen MSN,RN, WHNP, BC Assistant Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2763 
Danielson, Lianna, MN, FNP-C Assistant Clinical Professor (Kalispell) (406) 751-6421
Edgar, Alicia, BSN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls) (406)
Echeverri, Rebecca, MN-APRN-ACNS-BC Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1733
Fischer, Debbie, MS, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) & Interim Co-Campus Director (406) 657-1770
Flood, Mary Research Associate (Bozeman) (406) 994-7506
Ford, Leesha, BSN RNC Clinical Instructor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4448 
Funderburk, Courtney, BSN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls) (406) 771-4453



Garcelon, Sofie Development Director (Bozeman) (406) 994-7671

Geiger, Dena, MN, APRN, FNP-C Assistant Clinical Professor (Kalispell) (406) 751-6967
Glover, Laurie B., MN, APRN, FNP Assistant Clinical Professor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4443
Glow, Steven D., RN, MSN, FNP Associate Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2536
Gregoire, Jaimee, BSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Great Falls) (406) 771-2284



Hall, Dona Administrative Associate (Missoula) (406) 243-6517
Hallowell, Kate Graduate Program Assistant (Bozeman) (406) 994-3500

Hanson, Marcy, MN, RN Clinical Instructor (Missoula) (406) 243-2536  marcy.hanson 
Hartelius, Donna Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls)    
Hausauer, Janice, MS, RN, FNP Clinical Assistant Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2499
Hebel, BreAnn, BSN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783
Hellem, Tracy, PhD, RN Assistant Professor (Missoula) (406) 994-2110 
Hill, Wade, PhD, APRN, BC Associate Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-4011
Hollis, Brett, MN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-5541
Honsky, John Clinical Instructor (Missoula)    
Huntley, Michelle, MSN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2643

I, J, K


Jackson, Lauri, MN, APRN, BC, FNP Assistant Clinical Professor (Great Falls) (406) 771-5190
Jennings, Melissa, BSN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings) (406) 657-2912
Kelly (Schlepp), Kathryn, MN, RN Clinical Instructor (406) 771-2285
Kinion, Elizabeth, EdD, MSN, RN Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2725
King, Brian CO-OP Associate Director (Bozeman) (406) 994-2710
Krogue, Paul, BSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4447
Kuntz, Sandra, PhD, PHCNS-BC Kalispell Campus Director (Kalispell) and Associate Professor (406) 751-6969
Kusak, Kimberly, MN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-7505



LaFrance, Kay Assistant to the Dean (Bozeman) (406) 994-3784
Lalich, Jeanne, RN, BSN Clinical Instructor (Kalispell) (406) 250-2875
Larsson, Laura, PhD, MPH, RN Associate Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-7504
Lawhon, Teresa "Kay" Administrative Associate (Great Falls) (406) 771-4450
LePard, Heidi Birgenheir, BSN, RN, CIC Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls) (406) 771-4446 
Lucas, Patty Administrative Associate (Billings) (406) 657-1729
Luparell, Susan, PhD, ACNS-BC, CNE, ANEF Associate Professor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4459



Maccagnano, John, BS Accounting Associate (Bozeman) (406) 994-2663
Mack, Carolyn, MSN, RNC, CNS Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2564
Mahlen, Megan, BSN RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings)
Marx, Laura, MSN, CFNP, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2109
Masar, Daniel, MSN, FNP-C Clinical Instructor (Kalispell) (406) 257-5171 
May, Lindsie Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings)
Mayer, Dorothy “Dale”, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC Associate Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-5609
McCall, Jennifer, BS Computer Specialist I (Missoula) (406) 243-6518
McCombs, Renee, BSN RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings)
McCray, Debbie Undergraduate Program Assistant (Bozeman) (406) 994-2660
Melland, Helen, PhD, RN Dean and Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-3784
Michels, Carolyn, BSN, RN, ONC Clinical Instructor (Billings) (605) 380-9684 
Miller, Kathleen Accounting Associate (406) 994-7565
Minster, Wendy Program Assistant (Great Falls) (406) 771-4451
Muller, Rebecca MSN, RN, APRN, FNP-BC CIC Clinical Instructor (Billings) (406) 657-1773
Muskett, Christine, MSN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2590
Myers-Clack, Susan, MS, CHES Research Grants Manager (Bozeman) (406) 994-2783



Nierenberg, Lydia O., BSN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls) (406) 771-4442

O, P, Q


Oley, Erin, DNP, FNP-BC, MS, RN, MA Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783 
Osellame, Jeannie, MSN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2643
Patton, Anjelika Clinical Registered Resource Nursing (Billings)
Pecora, Elizabeth, MSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Missoula) (406) 243-2634

Peters, Martha, PhD Director of Administration & Finance (Bozeman) (406) 994-2671
Petersen, Polly, PhD, RN Assistant Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1716
Peterson, Kimberly, MN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1764
Phillips, Stacy, MSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Billings) (406) 657-1773 
Poole, Joseph Clinical Registered Resource Nursing (Bozeman) (406) 657-2912 

Poore, Sharon

Administrative Associate (Billings) (406) 657-1750

Pullen, Julie, DNP, GNP, NP-C Clinical Associate Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1774



Raph, Susan Wallace, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Campus Director (Great Falls) and Associate Clinical Professor

(406) 771-4441
Rappold, Sally, MSN, CNS, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-4596
Richards, Terri, MSN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1756
Richman, Tracy, MSN, RN. CMW Assistant Clinical Professor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4452
Round, Amanda, MEd Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator (406) 994-3785 
Ruff, Julie, BSN, MSN, CNS, CPNP-PC Assistant Clinical Professor  (Bozeman) (406) 994-5795
Rule, Toni Administrative Associate III/ Reception (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783
Running, Alice, PhD, APRN-BC, RN

Professor (Bozeman)

(406) 994-7505



Sax, Karrin, MSN, RN, WHNP Assistant Clinical Professor
(406) 243-2104

Scharff, Jane

Campus Director & Assoc Clinical Professor (Bozeman)

(406) 994-2833 


Seright, Teresa, PhD, RN, CCRN                  

Associate Dean and Associate Clinical Professor

(406) 994-5726

Shiner, Teresa, BSN, RN

Clinical Resource Registered Nurse
(Great Falls)

(406) 771-4454

Shreffler-Grant, Jean, PhD, RN


(406) 243-2540
Sieloff, Christina, PhD, RN Associate Professor
(406) 657-2614
Smith, Bobbie, BSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Billings) 

(406) 657-1776
Smith, Janet, MN, MSHS-MIH, RN Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) 

(406) 994-2763
Sofie, Jennifer K., DNP, APRN, ANP, FNP Assistant Clinical Professor and DNP Clinical Coordinator (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783
Stellflug, Stacy, PhD, APRN, FNP Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1740
Storebo, Sarah, MEd Webmaster (Bozeman) (406) 581-3301
Sweeney-Fee, Sharon Assistant Clinical Professor (Bozeman)    

T, U, V


Thompson, Ellen, AS Administrative Associate (Billings) (406) 657-2912
Thurston, Mary Kay  APRN, FNP, MS Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783
Tutokey, Paul, BSN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings) (406) 657-2912

W, X, Y, Z


Waldenberg, Mariya CO-OP Academic Advisor, CRRN (406) 994-5711
Weinert, Clarann, SC, PhD, RN, FAAN Professor Emeritus,Retired (Bozeman)

Westerman, Drewry, FNP 

Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) 

(406) 994-3783 

White, Rebecca Clinical Instructor (Bozeman)    
Wicher, Blair Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Missoula)    
Wicks, Teresa, MSN, RNC Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) (406) 657-2957
Williams, Donna, PhD Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783
Wines, Maria, PhD, PNP-BC Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2634
Winters, Charlene, PhD, RN Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-4608
Witt, Elizabeth, BSN, RNC Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls) (406) 771-4445
Wood, Andrea Clinical Instructor (Bozeman)    
Ziegler, Stacey Clinical Instructor (Bozeman)    
Zomer, Kelsey, BSN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls)