Title / Campus




Ackerman, Kimberly MSN, FNP

Clinical Instructor (Billings)

(406) 657-1738   
Ammons, Carl RN

Clinical Instructor (Missoula)

(406) 243-2536
Androes, Sharon, MS, APRN Assistant Clinical Professor (Kalispell) (406) 751-6421



Baker, Michelle, BS Administrative Associate (Kalispell) (406) 751-6967
Bales, Ronda, MN-FNP-BC Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1731
Banta, Christine (Shelley), MSN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2786
Barksdale, Robert

IT Coordinator (Bozeman)

(406) 994-6846
Baskett, Sally RN, MSN, FNP

Clinical Instructor (Missoula)

(406) 243- 2536

Benavides-Vaello, Sandra PhD, MPaff, RN

Campus Director (Missoula/Kalispell) and  Associate Professor

(406) 243-2521

Berry, Kelly RN

Clinical Instructor (Missoula)

(406) 243-2536
Besel, Jamie, MN, RN, CNS Clinical Instructor (Billings) (406)657-1732
Borst, Chris (Garnes),BSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4457
Bourret, Rebecca, MS, APRN, CPN, PMHNP-BC Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783
Bowers, Karen Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings)
Brown, Anne, MN, RN Clinical Instructor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4451
Buerhaus, Peter, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAANP(h) Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2681
Burg, Glenna, MS, RN, CNE Assistant Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2650
Buttler-Nelson, Christy Assistant Clinical Professor (Great Falls) (406) 243-2110 



Clayburgh, Trish, PhD, RN Associate Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (970) 219-9154 
Coburn, Brittany, MN, APRN, NP-C Assistant Clinical Professor (Kalispell) (406) 751-6421
Colclough, Yoshiko, PhD, RN Associate Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-6048
Cole, Casey, PhD, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CEN Assistant Clinical Professor (Kalispell) (951) 229-2431

Combs, Hannah Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings)

Conner, Jeanne, MN, APRN, FNP Clinical Instructor (Billings) (406) 657-1768

Courville, Katheryn, MSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783

Creek, Tami, ADN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (406)771-2283

D, E, F


Damberger, Kathleen MSN,RN, WHNP, BC Assistant Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2763 
Danielson, Lianna, MN, FNP-C Assistant Clinical Professor (Kalispell) (406) 751-6421
Davis, Kristin MSN, RN, CNL Clinical Instructor (Bozeman)
Earle, Kelly  RN, BSN Clinical Instructor (Bozeman)
Edgar, Alicia, BSN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls) (406)
Echeverri, Rebecca, MN-APRN-ACNS-BC Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1733
Elison, Jennifer EdD, APRN Associate Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2547
Farnes, Brandi MSN,  RN Clinical Instructor (Missoula) (406) 243-2547
Ferguson, Hayden BA Research Coordinator (Missoula) (406) 243-2551
Fischer, Debbie, MS, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) & Interim Co-Campus Director (406) 657-1770
Flood, Mary Research Associate (Bozeman) (406) 994-7506
Ford, Leesha, BSN RNC Clinical Instructor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4448 



Garcelon, Sofie Development Director (Bozeman) (406) 994-7671

Geiger, Dena, MN, APRN, FNP-C Assistant Clinical Professor (Kalispell) (406) 751-6967
Glover, Laurie B., MN, APRN, FNP Assistant Clinical Professor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4443
Glow, Steven D., RN, MSN, FNP Associate Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2536
Gregory, Kelly MSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Missoula) (406) 243-2536
Griswold, Amanda, MEd Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator (406) 994-3785 



Hall, Dona Administrative Associate (Missoula) (406) 243-6517
Hallowell, Kate Graduate Program Assistant (Bozeman) (406) 994-3500

Hanes, Drewry, FNP 

Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) 

(406) 994-3783 

Hanson, Marcy, MN, RN Clinical Instructor (Missoula) (406) 243-2536  marcy.hanson 
Hartelius, Donna Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls)    
Hausauer, Janice, DNP, MS, RN, FNP Clinical Assistant Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2499
Hellem, Tracy, PhD, RN Assistant Professor (Missoula) (406) 994-2110 
Heppner, Melissa Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings)
Hill, Wade, PhD, APRN, BC Associate Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-4011
Hollis, Brett, MN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-5541
Huntley, Michelle, MSN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2643

I, J, K


Jackson, Lauri, MN, APRN, BC, FNP Assistant Clinical Professor (Great Falls) (406) 771-5190
Jennings, Melissa, BSN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings) (406) 657-2912
Kelly (Schlepp), Kathryn, MN, RN Clinical Instructor (406) 771-2285
Kern, Deb Clinical Instructor (Bozeman)
Kinion, Elizabeth, EdD, MSN, RN Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-2725
King, Brian CO-OP Associate Director (Bozeman) (406) 994-2710
Krogue, Paul, BSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4447
Kuntz, Sandra, PhD, PHCNS-BC Kalispell Campus Director (Kalispell) and Associate Professor (406) 751-6969
Kusak, Kimberly, MN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-7505



Lalich, Jeanne, RN, BSN Clinical Instructor (Kalispell) (406) 250-2875
Larsson, Laura, PhD, MPH, RN Associate Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-7504
Lawhon, Teresa "Kay" Administrative Associate (Great Falls) (406) 771-4450
Lucas, Patty Administrative Associate (Billings) (406) 657-1729
Luparell, Susan, PhD, ACNS-BC, CNE, ANEF Associate Professor (Great Falls) (406) 771-4459



Maccagnano, John, BS Accounting Associate (Bozeman) (406) 994-2663
Mack, Carolyn, MSN, RNC, CNS Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2564
Marx, Laura, MSN, CFNP, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2109
Masar, Daniel, MSN, FNP-C Clinical Instructor (Kalispell) (406) 257-5171 
May, Lindsie Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings)
Mayer, Dorothy “Dale”, PhD, RN, ACNS-BC Associate Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-5609
McCall, Jennifer, BS Computer Specialist I (Missoula) (406) 243-6518
McCombs, Renee, BSN RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings)
McCray, Debbie Undergraduate Program Assistant (Bozeman) (406) 994-2660
Mendius, Cathlyn Clinical Instructor (Kalispell)
Michels, Carolyn, BSN, RN, ONC Clinical Instructor (Billings) (605) 380-9684 
Miller, Kathleen Accounting Associate (406) 994-7565
Minster, Wendy Program Assistant (Great Falls) (406) 771-4451
Morrison, Danielle  Undergraduate and Caring for our Own Program Advisor (406) 994-5124
Muskett, Christine, MSN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2590
Myers-Clack, Susan, MS, CHES Research Grants Manager (Bozeman) (406) 994-2783



Nierenberg, Lydia O., BSN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls) (406) 771-4442

O, P, Q


O'Connor, Christine Clinical Instructor (Kalispell)
Oley, Erin, DNP, FNP-BC, MS, RN, MA Assistant Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783 
Osellame, Jeannie, MSN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2643
Patton, Anjelika Clinical Registered Resource Nursing (Billings)
Pecora, Elizabeth, MSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Missoula) (406) 243-2634

Peters, Martha, PhD Director of Administration & Finance (Bozeman) (406) 994-2671
Petersen, Polly, PhD, RN Assistant Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1716
Peterson, Kimberly, MN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1764
Phillips, Stacy, MSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Billings) (406) 657-1773 

Poore, Sharon

Administrative Associate (Billings) (406) 657-1750

Popa, Ryann

Clinical Instructor (Great Falls)    

Priebe, Milissa

Clinical Instructor (Bozeman)
Pullen, Julie, DNP, GNP, NP-C Clinical Associate Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1774



Raph, Susan Wallace, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Campus Director (Great Falls) and Associate Clinical Professor

(406) 771-4441
Rappold, Sally, MSN, CNS, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-4596
Richards, Terri, MSN, RN Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1756
Ruff, Julie, BSN, MSN, CNS, CPNP-PC, Ed.D. Assistant Professor  (Bozeman) (406) 994-5795
Rule, Toni Administrative Associate III/ Reception (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783
Running, Alice, PhD, APRN-BC, RN

Professor (Bozeman)

(406) 994-7505
Rutz, Jennifer

Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Billings)



Sax, Karrin, MSN, RN, WHNP Assistant Clinical Professor
(406) 243-2104
Sawyer, Barbara MSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Missoula) (406) 243-2536

Scharff, Jane

Campus Director & Assoc Clinical Professor (Bozeman)

(406) 994-2833 

 Schulz, Pam

Assistant to the Dean  (406) 994-3784
Seright, Teresa, PhD, RN, CCRN                  

Associate Dean and Associate Clinical Professor

(406) 994-5726

Shannon, Sarah E., PhD, RN, FAAN

Dean and Professor

(406) 994-3784

Shiner, Teresa, BSN, RN

Clinical Resource Registered Nurse
(Great Falls)

(406) 771-4454

Shreffler-Grant, Jean, PhD, RN


(406) 243-2540
Sieloff, Christina, PhD, RN Associate Professor
(406) 657-2614
Smith, Bobbie, BSN, RN Clinical Instructor (Billings) 

(406) 657-1776
Smith, Janet, MN, MSHS-MIH, RN Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) 

(406) 994-2763
Sofie, Jennifer K., DNP, APRN, ANP, FNP Associate Clinical Professor (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783
Stellflug, Stacy, PhD, APRN, FNP Assistant Professor (Billings) (406) 657-1740
Storebo, Sarah, MEd Webmaster (Bozeman) (406) 581-3301
Sweeney-Fee, Sharon Assistant Clinical Professor (Bozeman)    

T, U, V


Tasker, Heather Clinical Instructor (Bozeman)
Taylor, Joshua Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Kalispell)    
Thompson, Ellen, AS Administrative Associate (Billings) (406) 657-2912
Thurston, Mary Kay  APRN, FNP, MS Clinical Instructor (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783

W, X, Y, Z


Waldenberg, Mariya CO-OP Academic Advisor, CRRN (406) 994-5711
Weinert, Clarann, SC, PhD, RN, FAAN Professor Emeritus,Retired (Bozeman)

White, Rebecca Clinical Instructor (Bozeman)    
Whitmoyer, Cole Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) 
Wicks, Teresa, MSN, RNC Assistant Clinical Professor (Billings) (406) 657-2957
Williams, Donna, PhD Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education (Bozeman) (406) 994-3783
Wines, Maria, PhD, PNP-BC Assistant Clinical Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-2634
Winters, Charlene, PhD, RN Professor (Missoula) (406) 243-4608
Witt, Elizabeth, BSN, RNC Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls) (406) 771-4445
Wood, Andrea Clinical Instructor (Bozeman)    
Ziegler, Stacey, MN, RN, CNNP Clinical Instructor (Bozeman)  (406) 994-
Zomer, Kelsey, BSN, RN Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (Great Falls)