Flexible Scheduling: Graduate students do not attend classes weekly, do not travel to Bozeman more than once a year (Fall semester face-to-face intensives for all students and orientation plus intensives for first year students), and do not travel to a campus (Billings, Great Falls, Bozeman, Kalispell, or Missoula) more than 1 to 2 times a semester. All courses are anchored in Desire2Learn for a variety of asynchronous activities throughout the semester.

Synchronous: There are four times designated each semester where all class members meet together (at the instructor’s discretion). In the Fall semester, classes meet face-to-face once, meet via video conference once, and meet via teleconference (webinar) twice. In the Spring semester, classes meet twice for via video conferences and twice via teleconferences (at the instructor's discretion).

Asynchronous: These are times during a semester that individual students log on to Desire2Learn (at their convenience) to participate in class discussions, submit assignments, take quizzes or exams, complete content modules, or other similar activities.

Intensives: These classes are face-to-face meetings (two days early in the Fall semester), interactive video conferences (mid-way through Fall semester and beginning of and mid-way through Spring semester), and teleconferences (webinars). Intensives graduate course meetings are longer than the usual hours that a class would meet if meeting weekly.

Teleconference/Webinars: These are conference calls over the telephone, where students are at home dialing in to the teleconference line at a specified time, and either have their computer on with the PowerPoint slides/presentation up or they have downloaded the presentation previously and/or printed them out so they can follow along during class.