• The Parking Appeals Committee is composed of faculty, staff, and student members appointed by the Vice President for Administration.
  • Citations may be appealed by following the links below and filing a notice to appeal online. If you have difficulties appealing a citation online call the University Police at 994-1723 for assistance. All appeals must be filed by the date designated on the citation. Appeals will be heard by the Parking Appeals Committee. Fines upheld by the Parking Appeals Committee must be paid within seven days. Failure to do so will constitute a second offense also subject to a late fee.
  • The University is authorized by Montana statute to withhold the amount of any unpaid parking fines from any amount owed by any student, employee, or faculty member.
  • Student transcripts may also be held for unpaid parking fines, and unpaid fines may be added to student accounts for collection purposes.
  • The appeals process is not an alternative to full compliance with these parking regulations; therefore, the following issues are not legitimate grounds for an appeal and cannot be referred to the appeals board:

    a. Lost citations: the fact that a citation exists is prima facie evidence that it was placed on the vehicle.  When vehicle/license descriptions on the citation match the owners records held in the parking database then the citation cannot be appealed solely on the grounds that it was not received. 
    b. Parking illegally for only a short period of time will not be considered valid grounds for an appeal.
    c. Forgetting a permit, leaving it in another vehicle or failing to display it properly may be reduced to a warning once per academic year by University Police.
    d. Failure to take note of properly signed and marked areas is not grounds for an appeal.
    e. Being unfamiliar with University Parking Regulations is not grounds for an appeal.


Please follow the appropriate link below to file an appeal online.


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  • "I am a visitor with Montana State University and I do not have a university ID number." Click here.