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2019-2020 Academic Year Information
Purchasing a long-term permit

For short-term parking information, please visit:

Permits for faculty, staff, and commuting students will go on sale on August 1, 2019. See the new parking map here: 

Permits for resident students will go on sale on August 17, 2019 (availability is limited and dependent on Residence Life and registration reports.) First year student parking portals will not be accessible until at least 24 hours after registeration. Please do not create a visitor account as you will not have access to long term permits.

You are encouraged to use the Parking Services website to purchase available standard commuter and resident permits (Bobcat, Bison, Stadium, Moose) online in order to avoid the line at the Parking Services office. Reserved permits (Eagle, Trout, Elk, Wolf, Garage) are not available for sale online. Be sure to update your vehicle information and tie all vehicles to your new permit. This can all be done on your parking portal, which can be accessed through the button to your right labeled "purchase standard permit here", or through Myinfo. 

Parking permit enforcement will begin on the first day of classes. This is a change from previous years and is necessary to avoid the frustration in finding a parking space for those that purchased parking permits. We plan to have an auto renewal option in 2020, which will eliminate the need to actively purchase a parking permit each fall.

Please see our recent development page for more information about how permits are changing. 

Need help getting to your purchasing your parking permit? See our tutorial page

See our refund schedule here:

Using your permit

Parking permit hangtags will no longer be needed. Your license plate will be your permit. License plate reading (LPR) technology will be used for parking enforcement with cameras mounted on parking enforcement vehicles that will read license plates and identify permit status. Drivers must ensure that at least one license plate is visible from the drive lane. This will greatly enhance parking enforcement efficiency while encouraging compliance with parking permit requirements. The LPR system only accesses parking permit information from the plate number, so please be sure to update your license plate regularly and accurately to avoid a citation.


Multiple vehicles may be registered under a single permit for those who choose to carpool, however, only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time. If a citation is issued to a vehicle, the parking violation is charged to the license plate owner. Please be sure to update all vehicle information regularly. 

Permit Designations and Prices*

Previous Permit Designation New Permit Designation and Lot Numbers Annual Price Half Year (Spring or Fall) Price Summer Price
R1 Eagle: 16 $840 $485 $365
R2 Trout: 17 $610 $355 N/A
Garage Garage: 10 $610 $355 $355
R3 Elk 24 $540 $315 $240
R6 Elk 19 $540 $315 $240
R4 Permanently Closed N/A N/A N/A
R7, R8, R9 Wolf: 7, 14, S. 8th Ave (S. side) $400 $230 $230
SB Bobcat: 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13, 15, 18, various street parking $220 $130 $110
MN Bobcat 3 pm to 8 am: see Bobcat lot numbers $80 $80 $80
E Bison: 1, 2, 8, 9, 22, 26, 27 $220 $130 $110
Lincoln F Lot Moose: 21 $80 $80 $80
Stadium F Lots Stadium: 20, 25 $80 $80 $80
Family and Graduate Housing Family and Graduate Housing $140 $80 $80
Motorcycle Only  Motorcycle areas on map $90 $90 $90

You may add your motorcycle license plate to an another permit free of charge. However, only one vehicle may be parked on campus at one time.

Low Emission Vehicles Please refer to respective permit lots -20% -20% -20%
Retiree Permits Bobcat: see bobcat lots complimentary complimentary complimentary
*Contractor and Service permits are only available at the parking office.

*Full pricing structure coming soon.

For short-term parking information, please visit: