The Parking Services lobby and telephone services are unavailable until further notice.
Please email to reach a customer service representative. 

Scratch-off hangtags are no longer valid as of August 31, 2019. Please call the front desk during business hours or email for information about obtaining credit for unused hangtags.         

Choose one of the following locations to park, have the vehicle license plate ready to enter, and purchase your parking. See the campus parking map and look for the yellow visitor areas.

Open PDF of the 2019-20 Parking Map Here.

Parking Location How to Pay Pricing 

Parking Garage:

Passport zone #2361

Central Campus

(Located behind Norm Asbjornson Hall at the corner of S 7th and Grant)

Enforced 6 am to 8 pm


 -Credit card only via paystations on levels 1 and 2

-Credit card via the Passport parking app


0-60 Minutes: $4.00

Each Additional Hour: $2.50 

Maximum Daily: $11.00

Harrison Street:

Passport zone #2374

North Campus 

Day Use Only

Enforced 6 am to 6 pm


-Credit card via the Passport parking app

-Call or visit us for personal assistance-Online at the MSU Parking Portal


0-60 Minutes: $3.00

Each Additional Hour: $1.00 

Maximum Daily: $7.00


Stadium lots:

East Stadium zone# 2376

West Stadium zone# 2371

South Campus

Enforced 6 am to 6 pm


-Credit card via the Passport parking app

-Call or visit us for personal assistance-Online at the MSU Parking Portal


0-60 Minutes: $3.00

Each Additional Hour: $1.00 

Maximum Daily: $7.00


ADA parking spaces:

All ADA spaces on campus require a
valid ADA hangtag and a campus parking permit.

Enforced 24 hours, 7 days a week

-Online at the MSU Parking Portal

-Call or visit us for personal assistance


 Daily permit: $7.00

Time limited parking spaces are located throughout campus


**There is a .35 cent convenience fee per each initial Passport parking transaction.
Please be advised that visitors who do not purchase a valid permit during the enforced times risk receiving a citation. Any vehicle in violation of university or federal regulations are subject to tow.
Please see our 2019-2020 parking regulations for more information.  
Need a long term permit? See our Permit Information webpage for more information.

From Interstate 90 take Exit 305 and turn south onto North 19th Avenue towards Bozeman. Continue on North 19th Avenue for approximately 4 miles. Turn left onto Kagy Boulevard and travel approximately 1 mile to South 7th Avenue. Turn left onto South 7th Avenue and the next right will bring you to the University Police station parking lot. Here you are able to purchase parking permits during business hours, have any parking or police related questions answered, and also handle any pending citations.

Guests on campus must park in designated visitor areas with a valid permit. Parking Services will provide easy instructions on how to purchase parking for guests when requested. Department members inviting guests to campus may prepay for parking on behalf of their guests using the options below.

Parking Services is not responsible for any citations that are issued as a result of misinformation provided by a department. 

Please remember that all scratch off hangtag permits expired on August 31, 2019. For information on how to receive a credit for unused scratch off permits, please call or visit Parking Services during business hours.

If you are attending a conference on campus, you should have received parking information in advance. If prior arrangements were not made, please be sure to purchase a parking pass or pay in the parking garage prior to attending the event to avoid citation. Event coordinators, department hosts, and any staff or students which invite guests to campus are responsible for providing the appropriate parking information. 

To request temporary permission to use campus loading docks, service drives, and delivery areas from University Police, please call us at 406-994-1723 during business hours. Please call 406-994-2121 and select option 3 for after hours permission.

All contractor vehicles are required to purchase a parking permit to park on campus. All MSU parking regulations apply. Please visit as Parking Services to purchase long-term permits. 

Please refer parking-related questions to your supervisor or University contact.

Major renovation work on Romney Hall will begin Aug. 5. As a result, a portion of Grant Street near Romney will be closed to accommodate work on the building. The street will be closed between the Visual Communications Building service drive and the west end of the SUB loop. The VCB service drive entrance, the entrance to the Fieldhouse parking lot, and the SUB loop will remain accessible from Grant Street. Through-traffic should look for alternative routes, such as College Street, Harrison Street and Kagy Boulevard. A temporary sidewalk will be constructed leading pedestrians around the north side of the building. The existing sidewalk on the south side of Grant Street will remain open.

Romney Construction Site Plan


Visitors must comply with all University parking regulations. Please refer to the complete list of parking regulations here:

For any questions, please call us at 406-994-1723 

We hope you enjoy your visit to MSU-Bozeman!