Are you a commuter?

  • Commuters are Montana State University faculty, staff, and non-resident students who regularly travel to campus with a motorized vehicle.

I’m a commuter! How can I purchase parking?

  • Commuters can purchase parking permits online through the parking website or by visiting Parking Services.

Where can I park?

  • Commuters are eligible to apply for parking permits in the following lot designations: Trout, Elk, Wolf, Bobcat, Stadium, or Parking Garage. Trout, Elk, Wolf, and Garage permits are considered Reserved. Bobcat and Stadium permits are standard commuter permits.

Additional Information

  • Commuters parking in Stadium lots may utilize the ASMSU shuttle for quick and convenient travel to the Strand Union Building, as well as other locations on campus. The ASMSU shuttle stops in the West Stadium lot (Lot #20) every 20 minutes.
  • Commuters may share a single parking permit. However, only one vehicle associated with that permit may be on campus at one time.
  • Commuters are encouraged to bike, utilize the Streamline Bus System, or carpool in order to save money, cut carbon emissions, and reduce impacts on roadways. Please see Eco-Friendly Transportation to Campus section for more information.


Commuters must comply with all University parking regulations. Please refer to the complete list of parking regulations at: