parking services

Parking on MSU-Bozeman campus is a privilege, not a right. Our primary interest is to foster convenience and safety for all people working and visiting the campus and to facilitate the efficient operation of the University.

Please acquaint yourself with the current parking regulations governing campus parking. It is the best way to avoid a ticket or loss of privileges. Ignorance of the regulations will only hurt you!

There are no free parking areas on campus!

All parking lots are constructed, maintained, operated, and administered through parking fees which are paid by all patrons. Parking regulations for Montana State University-Bozeman are published on an annual basis, both in print and on this website. Past and present presidents of the University have approved these regulations and the Board of Regents of the Montana University System has approved segments that deal with cost, fines, and enforcement.

Best ways to avoid a parking ticket

  • Display a valid parking permit from the rearview mirror at all times.
  • Register your vehicle and update your license plate regularly.
  • Do not park in reserved areas (which have gold signs).
  • Stay out of yellow zones.
  • Park in your assigned area.
  • Limit yourself to 20 minutes in service drives after calling 406-994-1723 for permission.

How to avoid towing on campus 

  • Do not park in golden reserved areas without the appropriate permit.
  • Do not accumulate three or more tickets.
  • Do not park in a handicap zone.
  • Do not park in a yellow zone or fire lane.

Other Tips

  • If a permit is lost or stolen, please come visit Parking Services to file for a replacement. 
  • If you get a ticket, pay it on time as fines accrue every 10 days to the minute.
  • All students, faculty, staff, & visitors must register their vehicle or obtain a parking permit to park on campus.
  • You are responsible for all fines assigned to your vehicle or permit, so be sure to advise any driver using your vehicle on campus of the parking rules.