Resident parking is limited. There is no guarantee parking will be available near your residence. Students not requiring frequent use of vehicles are discouraged from bringing vehicles to campus. Please utilize alternate forms of transportation. See Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective section for more information.

 Are you a resident?

  • Residents are those who live in Residence Life housing, including the East Julia Martin freshman apartments. This does not include Family and Graduate Housing.

Where can I park?

  • Residents are eligible to purchase parking for Bison, Stadium lots and the Moose lot.
  • Parking permits for each designation are limited. Due to the lay out of our campus, many students will not be able to park near their residence. Please keep this in mind before bringing a vehicle to campus. 

How can I purchase parking?

  • First year students may purchase parking by visiting or calling Parking Services during business hours or through your online parking portal AFTER Residence Life reports their status as an on-campus housing resident and 24 hours after for registering for classes. Please be aware that parking permits for each designation are limited. 

Additional Information

  • Lot maintenance will require you to move your vehicle periodically throughout the year. We will provide lot closure notifications via email and signage. Failure to move your vehicle may result in towing at your expense.
  • RVs and trailers are prohibited on campus.


Residents must comply with all University parking regulations. Please refer to the complete list of parking regulations