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Article 10 : Compensation


10.01 Annual Increases
10.02 Other Compensation Provisions
10.03 Summer Salary


NTT faculty who have been hired at .5 FTE or greater for the academic year and who have been employed at .5 FTE or greater for the previous two academic years will receive the normal salary increase pro-rated by assigned FTE for the academic year it is distributed.

Effective October 1, 2011, the normal salary increase for eligible NTT faculty members shall be 1% plus $500 (pro-rated by current base salary) per year.

Effective October 1, 2012, the normal salary increase for eligible NTT faculty members shall be 2% plus $500 (pro-rated by current base salary) per year.


  1. All NTT bargaining unit faculty will be hired at no less than the following salary floors (by rank) prorated by FTE:
    1. Instructor $24,000
    2. Assistant Teaching/Clinical Professor $26,000
    3. Associate Teaching/Clinical Professor $28,000
    4. Teaching/Clinical Professor $30,000
  2. NTT bargaining unit faculty are eligible to apply for centrally-funded faculty development awards offered through the Provost's office.
  3. NTT faculty will be eligible for merit increases funded by the negotiated merit pool referred to in Section 13.03 of the collective bargaining agreement for tenure and tenure track faculty.


The University may rehire faculty members on AY contracts for specific duties during the summer. Maximum allowable summer salary varies depending on source of funds. From all University-controlled sources, summer salary will not exceed 3/9ths of AY salary. Summer salary from State funds (e.g., summer session duties) will not exceed 2/9ths of AY salary, unless a greater amount is specifically authorized by the Provost.

Faculty on AY contracts may earn up to 3/9ths of their AY salary during the summer if there is sufficient external funding available, and the external sponsor(s) and the appropriate University administrators approve it. Salary will be based on the faculty member's salary rate as of April 1 of the academic year preceding the summer appointment. Faculty who receive some summer salary from State funds may also be compensated from external sources as long as the total does not exceed 3/9th of their AY salary. Funds from external sources must be identified in the direct costs of sponsored projects.

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