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Article 5 : Shared Governance

The Parties recognize the authority of the Association as the exclusive bargaining agent for members of the bargaining unit on matters of wages, hours, fringe benefits, and other conditions of employment (39-31-305, MCA). The Parties also recognize the prerogative of the Employer to establish and/or support faculty participation in shared governance efforts including, but not limited to, the organization of the Faculty Senate. Matters that shall be reviewed and recommended by the Senate, in accordance with regulations of the Board, shall include:

  1. specific curricular changes submitted by the faculties of the various departments, units, and schools through the appropriate University committee;
  2. general requirements for various degrees, including honorary degrees, and nomination of candidates for graduation;
  3. general requirements for admission and retention of students;
  4. development, curtailment, discontinuance, or reorganization of academic programs;
  5. issues that pertain to the academic affairs of the University;
  6. establishment of committees and other bodies deemed necessary to carry out the responsibilities under this provision.

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