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Gregory Young

Vienna to Munich in May 2006

The Vienna Woods to the Black Forest:
Music and Economics from Bach to Berg


MSU Honors Program - Great Expeditions 2006 - UH204  2 credits
Greg Young, Professor of Music and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Vince Smith, Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics


In Austria and Germany, over the last three hundred years, several diverse entities have exerted major influences on the composition and performance of music. These include the royal courts, the church, governments, universities, private foundations, and, more recently to an increasing extent, commercial enterprises.  The interface of these influences with dynamic changes in folk culture, the economic status of different social classes, poetry, instrumental development, musical developments in other nations, publishing media, and technology, provide a fascinating and critical perspective on creativity in music.  This course will address these issues in the context of an honors seminar, and will include composers such as Bach, Strauss, Brahms, Mozart, and Berg.

Students met as a class with the faculty once each week in the Spring Semester of 2006 and then traveled for two weeks to Austria and Germany.  During the proposed course, we examined and then geographically explored how, in Austria and Germany between 1700 and 2000, both music composition and performance were influenced by these forces.  Students were given references and asked to find background information on specific compositions, such as when, by whom, and for what purpose a piece was commissioned, performed, published etc.   We then brought the individual strands together to provide new perspectives on the interface of these influences. Discussions in class and during the trip was informed by the research done by the students and faculty.  
May 15 Fly from Bozeman to Vienna
May 16 Arrive in Vienna - walking tour
May 16 - 20 Visit historical musical sites and hear classical and jazz concerts
May 21 Motor coach to Salzburg. Explore the Lake District with discussions on music and poetry originating from this culturally rich area
May 24 Motorcoach to Munich
May 25 - 27 Museums, Concerts, Musicals, Opera, Galleries, Churches etc. relating to the compositions and literature studied
May 28 Fly from Munich to Bozeman

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