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How do I find a Work Study student to fill my position?

You should have an established username and password to log in to—the job posting database listed above.  If you do not have a username and password established or are unsure what your username and password is, please call the Work Study desk at 994-3432. 

When you are logged in to the site, you may post a Work Study job. Be sure to select Work Study in the Position Type field in order to attract those students with eligible Work Study awards. Please be advised that job postings will expire after a six week time period. You will receive an e-mail warning when the job posting is about to expire and you will have the ability to extend the posting for another six weeks, or reactivate the job.

What is the process for hiring Work Study students?

The students are hired as if they were regular employees. Each Work Study eligible student receives a blue Certificate of Eligibility from Financial Aid Services. After you have determined that a student is suitable for employment, is enrolled for at least 6 credits, and still has a valid Work Study award, you and the student must complete the Certificate and return it to the Financial Aid Office. You will also need to provide the student with a current W-4 and I-9 to complete and turn into Human Resources (MT Hall Room 19).

When can a Work Study student start work?

Students may begin employment no sooner than the first class day in the semester they have been hired. The Office of Financial Aid Services must receive a fully completed and non-expired Certificate of Work Study Eligibility to establish the Work Study authorization. Be aware that students can lose eligibility for the program after Certificates have printed due to award expiration, or because they have received other resources, such as a scholarship. It is advisable to verify the student’s award via telephone if you suspect one of these factors may exist, prior to allowing the student to begin work.

What portion of the Work Study student's wages will I be charged?

As a qualified Work Study employer, you will pay 30% of the student’s wages plus FICA and Workers' Compensation. If you are an off-campus employer, you will also be charged an administrative fee equal to 10% of the student’s total wages.

How much can I pay a Work Study student?

Students must be paid no less than minimum wage and no more than $11.00 per hour. Exact hourly rates between those two ranges are decided by the employer.

How many hours can a Work Study student work?

A Work Study student can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester. During breaks (such as Spring Break) a Work Study student is allowed to work up to 40 hours per week. Under no circumstances is it appropriate for a Work Study student to work overtime.

Who is responsible for keeping track of a Work Study student’s hours?

The employer as well as the student must keep track of the hours worked. If a student exceeds his or her Work Study award, the employer will be billed back 100% of the wages in excess of the student’s award. The Office of Financial Aid Services will send out monthly reports detailing the hours worked by each student to assist employers in keeping track of their students remaining eligibility.

Can I terminate my Work Study student?

If you, as the employer, deem that your Work Study student is unprofessional or otherwise unfit for your work environment; you have the right to terminate the employment of the student. Please contact our office when this occurs, so that we can make a note of the student’s performance issues and keep track of the student's employment.

Can a student continue to work for us after their Work Study award has been exhausted?

If an employer wants to continue employing their Work Study student after they have earned their total award, the employer can opt to continue the employment under a "Student Employment" arrangement. To change to a "Student Employment" status, an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) must be processed and submitted to Human Resources. Questions regarding the EPAF process should be directed to Human Resources at (406) 994-3651.

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