Faculty Excellence Advisory Committee 

FY11-12 Membership; Updated September 2012


Name Position Department Term# Ends
Lockhart, Marilyn Chair Faculty Development/Academic Affairs    
Beck, Carina Member Career Services/Student Success    
Black, Laura Member College of Business    
Burroughs, Beth Member Dept. of Math/Women's Faculty Caucus    
Codd, Sarah Member Dept. of Mechanical & Ind. Engineering    
Donnelly, Diane Member University Studies/Academic Advising Ctr.    
Dougher, Tracy Member Dept. of Plant Sciences/T&L Committee    
Godwin, Ian Member College of Nursing    
Harmsen, Allen Member Dept. of Immunology & Infectious Diseases    
Idzerda, Yves Member Dept. of Physics    
Kroff, Michael Member College of Business/T&L Committee    
Lansverk, Marvin Member Dept. of English/Faculty Senate    
Lutz, Paula Member College of Letters & Science    
Myers, Carrie Member Dept. of Education    
Paxton, John Member Dept. of Computer Science    
Rossman, Doralyn Member Libraries/DEAL    
Smith, Jessi Member Dept. of Psychology/Advance Grant    
Sterling, Tracy Member Dept. of Land Resources/Environ. Sci.