Assistant Deans' Council

FY12-13 Membership; Updated June 2012



Name Position Department Term# Ends
Singel, David Chair Academic Affairs - ----
Ashley, Bonnie/Jerri Westin Ex officio Registrar - ----
Bechtold, Camie Ex officio Athletics - ----
Bondy, Jeffrey Ex officio Residence Life - ----
Lee, Isle-Mari/Swinford,Steve Ex officio University Honors - ----
Campeau, Tony Ex-officio Associate Registrar - ----
Carson, Robert Ex officio Education & HHD - ----
DeBode, Debra Ex officio International Educ - ----
Donnelly, Diane Ex officio University Studies - ----
Fastnow, Chris Ex officio Planning & Analysis - ----
Heiss-Arms, Janet Ex officio Gallatin College Programs - ----
Lamb, Chris Ex officio Business - ----
Macdonald-Peck, Erin Ex officio Student Affairs - ----
McNeely, Gretchen Ex officio Nursing - ----
McSpadden, Carmen Ex officio University College - ----
Rognlie, Matt Ex officio Information Technology - ----
Negaard , Donna Ex officio Graduate Studies - ----
Vacant Ex officio Arts & Architecture - ----
Rossmann, Brian Ex officio Library - ----
Russell, Ronda Ex officio New Student Services - ----
Foreman, Christine Ex officio Engineering - ----
Smith, Nora Ex officio Agriculture - ----
Wherry, Peg Ex officio MSU On-Line - ----
Zajdel, Melody Ex officio Letters & Science - ----


Coordinate the many events related primarily to the undergraduate academic programs and the many ways they interrelate with Student Affairs, New Student Services, and other academic support units. Review procedures and look for ways to enhance the academic programs and administrative efficiency. Review policy and propose appropriate changes or new policy related to the above areas.


9:00-10:00 a.m. each Thursday


Voting Ex Officio Members: Associate Provost; one assistant or associate dean from each academic college; Registrar; Assistant Dean of Libraries; Assistant Dean of Students; Dean of the Graduate School; Director of University Studies; Director, New Student Services; Director, University Honors

Length of Term

Term of office

Appointed By



Current--David Singel
Title--Associate Provost
Appointed By--Provost
Length of Term--Term of office

Advisory To

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Reports Due

As requested